A Dream Come True

This story is, again, about a girl named Lisa that has to be the luckiest girl in the world! She's dating Louis Tomlinson. This is a simple story about her eventful life dating him and eventually marrying him. Enjoy!


6. Don't Leave Me Brokenhearted Tonight


The song “Brokenhearted” came on the radio and me and Harry sang to Louis. Zayn did the rapping part. Liam and Niall were just dancing in their seats. “I’ve been waiting all day for you to call me baby, lets get up lets get on it, don’t you leave me broken hearted tonight…” is all that I actually sang, I lip-sank the rest of the words. I was hoping that Louis would get the message. “Aww…babe I love you too. Don’t you leave me brokenhearted tonight.”Louis said. “I would never leave my Swag Masta from Doncasta.”I said, then we both leaned in for a kiss but Harry pushed me into Louis. He pushed me out of my seat and onto Louis’ lap, forcing Louis to makeout with me. I sat on Louis’ lap for the rest of the car ride. It was 5:30 P.M. when we arrived at the hotel. We all went to my room to watch Bambi. Me and Louis totally forgot that we had our clothes partially under the bed. And room keeping never came so there were still sweat shadows and ‘white stuff’ on the bed sheets. Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Harry walked into our room before us. “Louis, Lisa, do you mind explaining to us what all of this is?” I heard Zayn say. “Well, umm… last night me and Lisa decided to have some fun and…”Louis said. “They had sex!”said Harry to get straight to the point. “HARRY!!”I exclaimed. “What? We were going to find out one way or another.”he said. There was an awkward silence between all of us as we moved to Harry’s room to watch Bambi. “Well, we have to watch the film quickly because our reservation is for 7 and it’s 6.”Louis said breaking the silence. “Then how about we just watch Bambi tomorrow or later tonight? Because I need at least a hour to get ready.”I said. “Ok, well have the dinner of your life.”Harry said. “The dinner of my life? Well,um…ok.”I said in reply to Harry’s weird remark. We went back to our room. “I can’t believe that we forgot about that stuff.”Louis said. “I know, well it’s too late. On the way back from dinner do you think that you could run into a convience store and get me a pregnancy test because I’ve been feeling a little nauseus.” “Anything for you babe. Now get ready.”he said, I could count on him for anything. I went into the bathroom, took a shower, did my hair and makeup, and got dressed in this [polyvore]. I walked out of the bathroom to find Louis looking more handsome than ever. Then Louis randomly ran out of the door and ran down to Harry’s room and yelled in the doorway, “Has anyone seen Lisa? All that I can find is an angel!” When Louis came back to the room, the boys were behind him. All of their jaws dropped, literally. Espeacially Harry, he even got a little excited. I cleared my throat tying to get them to stop staring. “Louis, I’m ready.” He offered me his arm and I asked him “We’re not taking the van,right?” “Of course not, I got a rental car that’s much better than a van.” “Goodbye boys!” I said. “I’ll see you later love.” Harry said. The others just waved bye. We got in the elevator and rode down to the lobby. Louis covered my eyes with his hands.“Are you ready to see this work of art?” “Is it a Lambroghini? Cause if it is, I’ll love you forever and ever!”  He moved his hands for me to see this [car]. I almost fell back, I’ve always dreamed about being in a Lambroghini. “LOUIS!!” I French kissed him for what felt like 5 minutes. “Now, are you ready to go babe?”Louis asked. “Yes, but you have to promise me something.” “What?” “You have to let me drive on the way back.” He laughed. “I’ll only let you drive if you promise not to go crazy and first of all, do you have your license?” “I always have it with me and I promise not to go crazy.” “Ok, it’s a deal.” Louis went to hold my hand but I ran to the car. He laughed then ran to the car. He opened the door for me and I unpatiently put my seatbelt on. Louis got in the car and said, “Thank you for choosing the Tommo Tomlinson car service. We will now depart and advance towards our destination.” “That sounds very familiar Mr.Tomlinson” I said. “Yes it does and I’m glad that you remember it Miss Hudson.” “How could I forget?”I said. On the way there we were talking about our first date. “We’re here.”Louis said. He got out first and went to open the door for me but I already helped myself out. He went arm in arm into the restaurant.

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