A Dream Come True

This story is, again, about a girl named Lisa that has to be the luckiest girl in the world! She's dating Louis Tomlinson. This is a simple story about her eventful life dating him and eventually marrying him. Enjoy!


8. Church Bells

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1 WEEK LATER-DAY OF WEDDING~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LISA’S POV: It’s my wedding day! It’s finally here! It’s very buisy and everyone’s arriving wanting to see me and Louis. “Julia!” “Lisa! I missed you so much girl! Congradulations!! I couldn’t wait to see you! Congradulations on getting engadged!” “Thanks”  “And congradulations on the baby.” I gave her the biggest hug ever. “Lisa!” I heard three more familiar voices say. “Emily, Tiffany, Ashley!” I gave them each a big hug. “I missed you so much!” “Congradulations on the baby.” Emily and Tiffany said. “Yeah congradualtions! I can’t believe your marrying someone from One Direction! You’re so lucky.”said Ashley. “Well you know Ashley, you’re my maide of honor and Harry is Louis’ best man and the maide of honor and best man always dance together.” “I’m gonna dance with Harry Styles! Ahh!” Ashley is such a fangirl. She’ll probably faint once she sees him. “Lisa!” “Mommy, Aunt Karen, Grandma!”I yelled. “I missed you guys so much!” “Me too! You have no idea!”said my aunt and grandmother. “I love you and missed you!”said my mom. “Congradulations on the baby!” they all said. “Thanks. Where’s daddy and all of the boys?”I asked. “They’ll only let them in with the groom.”said my mom. “Well now they’ll all be able to meet Louis.”I said. “Lisa?”I heard an unfamiliar voice say. “Mrs.Tomlinson?” “Please call me mom. Congradulations on the wedding and the baby!” I gave her a big hug.“Thank you, mom. Hey Lottie, Georgia, Felicite, Daisy, and Phoebe.” “Hi. Congradulations.”they all said. “Thanks.”I gave them all a big hug. “Hi Lisa.”I heard more familiar voices say. “Hi Nana, Aunt Arlene, Nicole, Ashley, Alexis, and Aunt Denise.” “Congradulations.” “Thank you.” I gave them all a hug. “Now everyone,” Ashley was announcing because she was the maid of honor, “if you would please go down to the beach and take your seats. If you are involved in the actual wedding please stay up here. Everyone else head down to the beach and take your seats. Thank you, the bride has to get ready to marry LOUIS TOMLINSON! Ahh!!!” “Ashley, calm down.”I said. “Julia can you please help me get this dress on-” “Who’s ready to get married?”Harry barged in and hugged me. “I am. You’re not supposed to be in here-” “OMG! It’s Harry Styles!” Ashley yelled running towards Harry. She hugged him. “Who’s this?” Harry whispered in my ear. “It’s my maide of honor and cousin, Ashley. Now can you please go? I need to get my dress on.” I answered. Harry left, Ashley stayed with me. I got my dress on and I was ready to go. Tiffany did some touch-ups on my hair and makeup and I was ready to do this. Emily went to make sure that the groom was already downstairs and that they start the music. We all went downstairs. My bridesmaids walked down the aisle and I was waiting by the door with Daddy. “I love you Daddy” I said. “I love you too”he said. He gave me a kiss and the music started. As I started walking my heart sped up and I started crying, so did my mom. It felt like forever getting down the aisle. I was finally at the end, my dad gave me a kiss and I walked over to Louis. “I love you” he mouthed. I mouthed “I love you too.” The ceremony started, and we wrote our own vows. Louis started “I promise to always love you forever and ever and I will never let you go. I love you so much and just to let you know I like girls that have American accents.” Everyone laughed. “Louis, before I actually met you, I used to dream about us getting married and I used to kiss your posters. But now I realize that I truly love you for you, not just some insanely hot guy in a band. I promise to stay by you no matter what happens in our future. I love you so much that I have no words to describe how I feel, and just to let you know I like guys that have British accents and that wear stripes and suspenders. I love you for you.” I started crying again. It was time to put on the rings. When Louis took my hand I could do nothing but smile and shake. I could barely take Louis’ hand, my hands were shaking but looking into those beautiful eyes of his helped me calm down. I put the ring on his finger. I couldn’t pay attention to what the preist was saying, I was caught up in his eyes. Then the preist said, “Do you Louis Tomlinson take Lisa Hudson to be your lawfully wedded wife?” He said “I do.” Now it was my turn, “Do you Lisa Hudson take Louis Tomlinson to be your lawfully wedded husband?” “I do.” Next I heard, “You may kiss the bride.” Louis took my waist and kissed me passionately. We posed for the picture, we made silly faces. Then me and Louis took eachother’s arm and walked down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Louis Tomlinson. I was so happy. Next, me and Louis stayed at a secret place while everyone else went into the reception hall waiting for us. “I love you Lisa Tomlinson.” “I love you too. And I love the way that sounds. It makes me so happy.” Louis took me and kissed me. Everyone was in the reception hall, then we heard our name announced. Me and Louis held hands and walked into the reception hall. It was dramatic, the spotlight was on us as we walked down the stairs. It was very romantic. I was about to go down the next flight of stairs when Louis picked me up bridal style and brought me down to the floor where Harry was waiting for my hand. I was put down and I danced with Harry while Louis danced with Ashley. It was very cute. Julia danced with Zayn while Emily danced with Niall and Tiffany danced with Liam. When our dance was over, everyone was cleared off of the floor and Louis took my arm and seated me while he sang to me. He sang “Look After You”. He made me cry. Then all of the boys sang “Stole My Heart”, my favorite song. Then it was time for the bride and groom’s first dance. It was romantic, he had his arms around my waist while I had my arms around his neck. When our dance was over, it was time for everyone to do whatever they wanted. Everyone got to know each other better. I formally introduced Harry to Ashley since their first meeting wasn’t formal at all. They seemed to like eachother and they danced together. Tyler got to know Louis’ sisters and our parents got to meet eachother. Next it was time to remove the garder. Louis brought me a chair and he had trouble lifting up my dress, it was funny. “This is harder than it looks” he said to everyone with my dress in his mouth. Everyone laughed. He finally got under the dress and reached a little too far. “Louis, watch where you’re going!”I yelled silently. He finally got the garder and it was tradition to throw it for one of the groom’s men to catch it. Harry looked as determined as ever to catch it. Louis threw it behind his back and Harry caught it. “Woohoo!! I got it!!” he yelled for everyone to hear. He looked like he won the Olympics or something. “You better watch out for him. Huh Louis?”said Frankie. “Yeah, I’m keeping my eye on him.”Louis said. The party went on and everything was great. The wedding started at 1 P.M. and it ended at 11 P.M. I was very tired, everyone was. We thanked everyone for coming. “Thanks for the carrots Julia!” Louis said as she was leaving. She left giggling. “Are you ready to go back to the hotel babe?” I asked. “Yeah, I think we both deserve a good night’s rest.” Louis said. Louis carried me bridal style to our room. He was the best husband ever.

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