When I met One Direction

Elizabeth (aka Lizzy) and her friend Riane (diane but with and r) didn't expect anything out of the ordinary when the moved to London so when they run into the Biggest British Boy band in the world how do they react and how does Lizzy does Niall fall for her?.... and do Riane and Zayn fall in love?


17. What good luck!

I was still chuckling when Niall answered. 

"Hi Lizzy. What's up?"

"I just found out the most amazing thing ever!" 

"Really? What?" He asked excitedly.

"Riane, likes... Zayn!" I exclaimed.


"Yeah! I wanted to talk to him for a minute, I will talk to you after okay?" 

"Okay one sec." I heard something cover the speaker. 'Zayn! Lizzy wants to talk to you for a minute!


'Yeah! Hurry!'   

I heard something moving and the phone passing between people. "Niall get out of here!" I laughed as I heard a door shut. 

"Hi Zayn."

"Hi Lizzy, why'd you want to talk to me?"

"Well, I have a question." I answered plainly. 

"Okay, what is it?"

"What do you think of Riane?" 



"Oh well, I think she is very beautiful and I always wondered if she like me. Since that night at the country club. I knew she did to a degree, I mean you were fans but I bet she wouldn't actually want to date me. If I wasn't famous she probably wouldn't give me a second glance." He sighed and before he could continue I cut him off. 

"But Zayn she does like you! She doesn't know you like her too and I don't plan on telling her."

"She does?"

"Yes! This is what I want you to do, next time we are walking in from the car or out in the hallway where people would see, kiss her. In front of the boys, too. Tell them what we are going to do okay can you do that?"

"Y-yeah. I can. Anything else?"

"Yes, after when you both are still in front of the boys and me I want you to ask her out." 

"Okay I can do that."

"Great! Bye." 


After a minute Niall came back and I told him my plan. 

"That will be awesome, Lizzy! But why? Is her birthday coming up or something?" He asked after I had explained it to him. 

"No. But is is my job as bff to give her surprises every once in a while. Well as her girl bff anyways." 

I heard laughter. "You are so sweet. I just want to kiss you right now." 

"Well you'll have to wait."

"Teasing me are you?"

"Yup! Bye Nialler." 

"Bye Lizzy." I hung up and smirked. She would never see it coming. Never!

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