When I met One Direction

Elizabeth (aka Lizzy) and her friend Riane (diane but with and r) didn't expect anything out of the ordinary when the moved to London so when they run into the Biggest British Boy band in the world how do they react and how does Lizzy does Niall fall for her?.... and do Riane and Zayn fall in love?


20. Surprise! (2)

I opened the door and before I was able to see who it was someone's lips crashed down upon mine and kicked the door closed. Again, I'm just guessing, but I was pretty sure it was Niall. 

He pushed me backwards, hands on my waist and guided me towards my room.  When he had got the door opened, us inside and the door closed again, he pushed me down onto the bed. I gasped for air as his lips traveled down to my jaw, then to my neck. 

"Niall," I said, meaning for it to come out stern but it came out more like a gasp.

"Yeah babe?" 

"You ... Need to, s-stop," I managed.

"Hmm, don't think I do." 


No response. 

"Niall James Horan, you stop right now!" I exclaimed and he whipped his head up.

"You sound like my mother when she's angry," he looked shocked, "don't ever do that again," 

"Then don't make me," I taunted, kissing his lips once quickly. 

I slid out from underneath him and went to my mirror to make sure I didn't look to disheveled. 

"I said I'd make it up to you..."

"You didn't have to do it like that, I would have accepted flowers or chocolate," I said shuzing my hair.

"Oh yes, because I can just walk into a florist shop and order flowers."

"Bring Paul," I answered shrugging. He just rolled his eyes and got up off my bed. "I am inviting up my three friends, Lara, Alexandria and Alex and I'm playing matchmaker, if you'd like to help," I told him. 


"Okay so Alexandria, she prefers Andria, and Alex are twins, and Lara is a year younger than them."

"Okay, so who is with who?" 

"Alexandria and Liam, Lara and Harry and Alex and Louis," 

"You're bringing three more girls into this then?"

"Oh no, Alex is a guy," I said turning around to Niall's wide-eyed face.

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