When I met One Direction

Elizabeth (aka Lizzy) and her friend Riane (diane but with and r) didn't expect anything out of the ordinary when the moved to London so when they run into the Biggest British Boy band in the world how do they react and how does Lizzy does Niall fall for her?.... and do Riane and Zayn fall in love?


21. Setting Louis Up

"You're setting Louis up with a guy?!" 

"Who else was I supposed to match him with? If they don't hit it off big deal," I shrugged.

"And Harry?" 

Uh-oh. I hadn't thought of Larry Stylinson in a while. And especially not recently.

I turned to Niall and gave a weak smile.

"You forgot about Harry and Louis? How do you forget about Harry and Louis?" He started pacing.

"Well, I don't know, most of my thoughts now-a-days are about you!" 


I blushed, "Yeah."

He smiled. 

"You are so cute when your embarrassed." 

I blushed more. "This isn't about me!" 

"It could be."

"No! It's about Harry and Louis!" 

"We could change that."

"Well, we aren't," I finished and sat on my bed, crossing my legs.

"Fine, so what are you going to do about Harry and Louis?" 

"Well I'm going to hope that Harry is too distracted with Alexandria to realize Louis and Alex...?" 

"If that's the best you can do... We'll have to wait and see then." 

"Okay," I uncrossed my legs and let them hang over the side of my bed. 

Niall walked over to stand in front of me, leaning down to kiss me and push me back against my bed. 

Well, this changed quickly.

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