When I met One Direction

Elizabeth (aka Lizzy) and her friend Riane (diane but with and r) didn't expect anything out of the ordinary when the moved to London so when they run into the Biggest British Boy band in the world how do they react and how does Lizzy does Niall fall for her?.... and do Riane and Zayn fall in love?


10. Resolved

After me and Niall had made up we spent the entire day together in my room. We took pictures on my phone kissing, making funny faces and cuddling. After a couple hours I got up.

"Where you going?" He asked as he stood up off my bed.

"Shower. Is that okay with you?" I told him as I walked to the bathroom door, he shot in front of me and blocked me.

"No it is not. Then I wont be able to see you," and he pouted. I rolled my eyes and tried to push past him. "You don't need a shower you look beautiful," he said blocking me still.

"Niall..." And he pressed himself against me and kissed me cupping my face in his hands.

Then he pulled away. "I will keep stopping you till you agree that you don't need a shower." Ugh I wasn't gonna win this one.

"Fine. I don't need a shower," I told him as I crossed my arms over my chest. Or was I?

He smiled and pushed me against the wall. "Well now what?" I asked him.

"Well, we could do this," he said as he kissed me again this time more passionately and with more lust and want. I kissed him back and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back and he stepped closer as I did. Then he moved us to the bed and sat down and I wrapped my legs around him and he pushed me down so he was over me and kept kissing me, hands sliding down to my waist. I felt little electric shocks as he moved his hands down to my waist. He finally pulled away and looked at me.

"Lizzy you're beautiful." I blushed. I got up.

"Can I have a shower now?" I asked him.

"Nope. We aren't done yet," and he pulled me back under him and kissed me again the same as before and I kissed him back and the pulled away and ran into the bathroom.

"Lizzy..." I heard him say walking to the door.

"Yes, Niall?" I said innocently.

"I said you didn't need a shower," he said whining.

"I remember." I could hear him sighing.

"Can I come in till you have to get in then at least, please?"

Oh my god, Niall was pleading, begging me. Holy crap!

"Okay if you insist," I said but he was already walking in sitting beside me on the edge of the bath tub.

Just as I was reaching for the water, Niall's arms wrapped around my waist pulling me onto his lap.

"Niall." I whined looking up at him. I really loved being smaller than him. No Elizabeth, you need to focus you want a shower and you need to get it.

"What is it babe?" He asked it so innocently. And he called me 'babe.'

"I need to get in now." I whined.

He let me go and I made him stand up and leave.

"Stay in my room or get a snack if you want but don't eat us out of food Niall," I said closing the door I heard him mutter, "you don't need a shower..." I lost the last couple words as he got farther away. 

Niall's Point Of View

"I said you didn't need a shower," I whined. You already look beautiful, I added mentally. No focus on getting her out.

"I remember." she said,  I sighed and knew she heard.

"Can I at least come in till you have to get in then at least, please?" I begged.

"Okay if you insist," but I didn't let her finish. I walked in sitting beside her and as she leaned over to put her hand under the water, I slid my hands around her waist and pulled her onto my lap.

"Niall." she whined so cutely, I loved how much smaller than me she was.

"What is it babe?" I asked.

"I need to get in now," she continued to whine.

God, she was so cute when she whined. I let her go and she stood up and showed me out.

"Stay in my room, or you can get a snack but don't eat us out of food Niall," she said as she closed her bathroom door.

"You don't need a shower you already look beautiful you always do," and I walked to he kitchen and made myself a sandwich then went back to her room and sat on her bed and checked Twitter.

Lizzy's Point Of View

After my shower I got into a pair of my grey sweatpants and a white tee leaving my hair down. When I walked out Niall was on his phone and when he noticed me I swear I heard him say, "Wow..." but his jaw  dropped and I blushed and looked down. Then he was standing in front of me lifting my head up to look into his bright blue eyes. "You look beautiful Lizzy." I blushed more and looked away. "Look at me Lizzy," when I wouldn't he added "Please?" And I gave in and looked at him. "Don't ever say that you aren't beautiful,"

I tried to say something but he cut me off. "Ever. Promise me."

"Fine," and I walked back to my bed and sat down. He came and sat down next to me and put his arms around my waist and pulled me onto his lap and I put my arms around his neck and smiled at him he put his hands on my waist and kissed me. I kissed him back. 

After a while we decided that we should go back to his hotel. "Okay, Niall. I'm ready to go," I said as he came into the living room from the kitchen with a sandwich

"No you're not." I was confused.

"What do you mean?"

"Well I figured since you were coming back with me you'd, you know, stay," as he said it as he walked closer.

"Oh really?" I asked.

"Yeah," we were getting closer.

"Then I should go pack," and I went to go around him and he went to kiss me quickly I went around and he watched me go to my room. When I got back he was sitting in the recliner with yet another sandwich.

I grabbed the sandwich and took a bite.

"Mm you make good sandwiches Nialler," he grabbed the sandwich back and took a bite and we left.

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