And Then She Was Gone

Josh was with her the entire time. He turned his attention for just a second. And then she was gone. 17 year old Josh Marcus and his little 4-year old sister Amanda were walking home from school when the van pulled up and took Amanda from his grasp. He thinks it was his fault, he thought that if he hadnt been distracted he could have done something to save her. Josh will do anything to get his little sister back. Josh puts his life in the line as he tries to track her down. Will he ever get his sister back?


1. Taken

3:00 pm November 6th 2012
Josh Marcus walked his little sister Amanda home from daycare like every other day. Amanda held his hand tightly as they walked down the street. "Josh? How come we dont have a car?" she asks innocently. Josh looks down at her and shrugs."mom uses it for work." he explains. They continue to walk down the street. Josh's backpack rips open from the weight of all of his heavy books "aw noodles" he says as let's go of her hand to pick them up. He hears the screech of tires. He snaps around quicky and freezes in horror as he watches his little sister be taken by two men. The car drives away quicky and adrenaline kicks in. Josh chases after the car tears starting to stream down his face. He stops in the middle if the road gasping for air.
His first instinct was to keep chasing the van. But he was too out of breath and his heart was beating way too fast. If only he had a cell he would call the police right away. He ran to the closest house and rapped on the door adrenaline still pumping through his veins. Jessica Murphy answered the door. Josh felt his heart sink even deeper "uh hey Josh what do you want...I already told you we are OVER..Done....." she said as she began to shut the door. Jessica was Josh's recent ex-girlfriend. She had beautiful lime green eyes and long blonde hair. She was pretty short compared to josh.
He stopped the door before she could close it. "That's not why I am here... I need to use your phone..... Amanda...she's.....she's...she's been kidnapped...taken from me.."
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