This story is about Lisa and her friend Julia falling for two of the boys in One Direction. Luckily, they fall for the girls also. But Lisa is in the process of breaking up with her crazy and idiotic boyfriend, Curtis. It is hard for her to break it off with him. Lisa has a complicated background with him and it's interfering with her growing relationship with Louis.


3. You Don't Understand

“Ok.” I took a shower and let my hair down, put makeup on and got dressed in [this]. I found a pair of ice skates in my garage that I never used, surprisingly they fit. Julia had her hair in a ponytail and wore [this]. I found a pair of skates for her too. I heard the doorbell ring and saw that Louis and Niall were there. “Come on Jules, Niall’s here.” I said in a playful voice. “I’m coming!” I opened the door Louis was wearing a striped sweater, almost the same on that I was wearing he was also wearing a gray beanie, like me. “Hi stripes, blondy.” I said to the boys. “Hello love.” Louis said. “Hi Lisa.” Niall said. “I didn’t know that you had curly locks.” Louis said. “Is that a bad thing?” “Of course not, you’re beautiful.” “Thank you.” “Where’s Julia?” Niall asked. “She’s coming; she’s getting her shoes on.” I heard her coming towards the door. “If you don’t mind me asking, who’s that?” Louis asked pointing at a picture on the coffee table. “Oh,” I said clearing my throat trying not to cry. “I’ll tell all of you in the car so that I don’t need to repeat myself. “Ok” he said. “I’m ready!” Julia shouted running towards the door. “Ok then. Let’s go.” I let Julia out and closed the door. I started towards the van when Louis said, “May I?” “Of course.” He took my hand and we walked to the van. Julia sat next to Niall and Zayn. I sat next to Louis and Harry. “Hi!” everyone said when I got into the van. I saw one unfamiliar face. It was Danielle, Liam’s girlfriend. “Hi, I’m Danielle.” She said holding out her hand to be shaken by me and Julia. “We know. I’m Lisa.” I said shaking her hand. “I’m Julia” she said going for a hug. “Hello Angel.” Harry said, “You’re looking more beautiful than ever.” He kissed my cheek! “Hello curly.” I said. “Wow, you and Louis are wearing matching outfits.” Zayn said. “Yeah, I think that they’re definitely meant to be a couple.” Liam said. Me and Louis looked at each other and smiled. His soft hands crept into mine. Harry had a cross look on his face but you could tell that he was trying to put on a smile. “Are you alright lad?” Louis asked Harry. “I think he’s jealous of you getting close to Lisa.” Niall said. I blushed and looked down. I noticed that Niall and Julia were playing footsie under the car seat. I looked back up and Harry was looking at me and he smiled and I smiled back. “Oh yeah, Lisa. What was that picture in your living room?” Louis asked. “Oh that…” I tried not to cry. “Can I tell you guys on the way back?” A tear escaped my eye and ran down my cheek. “Sure.” Louis said hugging me and Harry put his hand on my leg. I put my head on Louis’ shoulder. On the way there Niall and Julia shared a romantic kiss. “Get it girl!” I said, “Sorry, I just had to ruin the moment.” Julia kicked my leg. We got to the ice rink and it was empty. “We got it reserved so that I don’t need to watch you constantly.” Paul said. “Thanks Paul.” I said. Louis gave me a piggy back ride into the rink. Louis sat me down and I got my skates on. “Do you know how to skate?” Harry asked. “Nope, not really.” I said. He mouthed “yes” with the hand motion. “Dani, do you know how to ice skate?” Julia asked. “Yes, it’s not that hard once you get the hang of it” she said. “Julia, why do you always wear heels?” Niall asked her. “Because I’m really short. You’ll see once I put my skates on” she said. Julia took her heels off and stood up. “Whoa” all of the guys said. “Yeah, and my best friend is 5’11 and I’m 5’1. Imagine all of the emotional pain that I go through.” Jules said. “Shut up, it’s not my fault that I’m tall.” I said and I playfully elbowed her. “I think that short girls are hot.” Niall said. “And I think that tall girls are attractive.” Harry said. “I think that tall girls are sexy.” Louis said competing with Harry. “Thanks stripes and curly.” I said. Zayn, Liam and Danielle, Niall and Julia, and Harry went on the ice first. Then I and Louis went. “I have no idea how to do this.” I said to Louis. “I can help you” he said holding my hand. We skated together for a while and I thought that I got the hang of it so Louis let go and I went over to Julia and Niall. “Do you mind if I steal Julia for a while?” I asked Niall. “Go ahead” he said. Julia and I skated next to each other while Harry and Louis were behind us. When I started to feel confident I felt like I was going to fall so I grabbed onto Julia’s hand. I regained my balance but then I got shaky again and I fell on my bum. I started laughing and so did Julia. Harry helped Julia up easily. Louis tried to help me up but he fell on me and he unknowingly kissed me. I was surprised and so was he. I felt like I was in a different world. We were just lying there, kissing. Everyone was watching us but we didn’t care. Apparently Harry thought that it was too much so he came over to us and got me up. He tried helping Louis but he fell. I couldn’t stop laughing neither could Zayn, Niall, or Julia. I tried helping them up but I fell. We all just sat there on the ice laughing and freezing our butts off. “Hey where are Liam and Dani?” I asked. “They’re over there making out.” Harry said pointing to them. “How romantic.” I said. “You like that kind of stuff?” Louis asked. “Yeah, I think it’s cute.” He gave me a sexy look. “Come on babe.” Louis said getting up reaching for my hand. He helped me up leaving Harry on the ice. I looked back to see Harry’s expression, he was looking down at the ice and it looked like he was crying but then I saw Zayn go over to him. “Come on babe, put your shoes on.” Louis said to me. I took my skates off and put my boots on. When I was done he took my hand and we went where nobody could see us. Louis went to lean in for a kiss. I put my hand in front of my face. “I’m sorry Lou,” I started crying, “I just can’t do this.” “What’s the matter love?” “That picture, in my living room…I’m sorry I just can’t!” I started crying my eyes out and I ran to the bathroom. I heard Louis and Julia running after me. I locked myself in a stall. “Lisa?” Louis said in the sweetest voice ever. “I’m sorry Lou; it’s not your fault. Don’t get me wrong, I love you with all of my heart-” “You love me?” He asked innocently. “Of course.” I said still crying. “Then what’s the matter? What’s causing you to have this breakdown?” “It’s my soon-to-be ex-boyfriend, Curtis. He’s the biggest f***in’ a**hole jerk in the frickin’ world!” “Whoa! Calm down!” “I can’t! You don’t understand! You’ve never had someone that you love point a knife to your chest threatening to kill you!” It was silent; all that I heard was myself crying. I opened the stall and looked at Louis. He had a shocked look on his face and Julia hugged me. Then I turned to the mirror and saw that I looked terrible with my makeup all over my face. I walked out of the bathroom leaving Louis and Julia there. I grabbed my bag and skates and walked out of the door. “Are you alright Lisa?” Zayn asked. I just ignored him. “Lisa?” Harry said as I passed him and brushed shoulder to shoulder. I just kept walking and ignored the whole world still crying. I walked around the block and stopped at a bus stop and just sat there crying in the freezing cold.

LOUIS’ POV: “What?” I said in a high pitched voice still standing in the bathroom shocked. “Where’s Lisa going?” Harry asked me in a worried voice. Julia told Harry what happened. Harry turned me around and saw my face. “What happened?” He asked. “Louis, Lisa’s out there somewhere in the freezing cold! She’s going to freeze!” “She left?” I asked in a depressed voice. “Yes.” Harry said to me like I was stupid. I snapped out of it, got out of the bathroom, and yelled to Paul, “Paul, we have to find Lisa! Start the car!” Paul did so and we all got in the car worried out of our minds. We drove all over and we finally found her at a bus stop.

LISA’S POV: I sat there looking at my phone looking at the pictures of me and Curtis. I started crying hysterically again, I couldn’t help it. Then I heard a door slam. I looked up and saw Louis running towards me. I quickly stood up and started walking. “Lisa!” I just kept on walking. I was about to cross the street when I felt those familiar strong arms turn me around. I looked up and I saw the blurred image of Louis’ face from my tears. “What are you doing out here?” “Escaping.” “From what?” “Myself, my past, my future.” “Why?” “I don’t want to think about what happened only a week ago. It’s too soon to be thinking about it. And it’s pretty evident that Curtis doesn’t want me to have a life anymore, so here I am, trying to make him happy.” I tried to get out of Louis’ grip and cross the street. “No, Lisa. That’s not what he wants, and if it is, so what? You’re better than that. I don’t want you to escape from your life, because you are my life and I would die if I didn’t have you.” I picked my head up, “Really?” “Yes, really. That Curtis guy doesn’t deserve you, he’s a jerk. And no offense, but he’s probably cheating on you because he feels bad for himself.” Louis hugged me and wiped the tears off of my face. I was shivering, I was so cold. Louis took his sweater off and put it on me. “You’re crazy, it’s freezing, and you’re going to get sick.” I said. “I’d rather get sick then lose my soul mate.” He took my arm and ran to the car. “Oh my God, Lisa! You gave us all a scare!” Dani said. “Don’t you ever do that again!” Julia said. “Or else I might just kill you.” Harry said sarcastically. I gave him a dirty look. “Too soon?” “Yeah, way too soon.” I said with an attitude. I gave Louis his sweater back and cuddled with him and Harry. 

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