This story is about Lisa and her friend Julia falling for two of the boys in One Direction. Luckily, they fall for the girls also. But Lisa is in the process of breaking up with her crazy and idiotic boyfriend, Curtis. It is hard for her to break it off with him. Lisa has a complicated background with him and it's interfering with her growing relationship with Louis.


5. You Did What?!?!


LISA’S POV: “Wake up!! Wake up Lisa!!!” “Huh?” “Good morning babe!” Louis said right in my face and gave me a kiss. I sat up and said, “Morning stripes. Morning curly.” “Good morning angel.” Harry said. “What time is it?” “It’s 9:30.” Louis said. “Uh…I was supposed to go down to the gym and work out at 8.” I said disappointed. “Well, we don’t have to leave for the meet and greet until 1.” “Ok, I’ll get something to eat then I’ll go down.” “I’ll go with you.” Louis said. “Yay! I have a gym buddy! Jules never works out with me. She’s always too busy with her auditions.” “She’s an actress?” Harry asked. “Yeah, she’s just beginning. And whenever she has time to go to the gym, I’m too busy at my office.” “What do you do?” “I’m an interior designer.” “That explains why your house is so beautiful” Louis said. “Well thank you.” I got out of bed and went into the bathroom to take a shower. “Hey babe, I need to pee. Can I come in?” I heard Louis ask outside of the door. “Yeah, come in.” As he was opening the door I realized that the shower curtain was see-through. “Don’t look at me!” I yelled to him as he was walking in. He shielded his eyes. “What’s the point? I’m going to see you naked soon anyway.” “N-” I was too late, he looked right at me. My cheeks turned cherry red. “Dang!” He yelled. “Just hurry up” I said. He finally finished and left the bathroom. I got out of the shower, put my hair up, and got dressed in my [gym clothes]. I then sat down at the small table in our room and got some breakfast. “Louis, you can get ready now. I’m finished in the bathroom.” “Ok babe. You look amazing.” “Thanks.” “You always say thanks, but I don’t think that you really believe us sometimes. You always respond in a down tone.” Harry said. All I did was look at Harry. “That’s because when I was in school kids were calling me fat or chubby. They said I was ugly and nobody wanted to go out with me. And when prom came around in high school, I got stood up. I only made it through high school because I had the best friends in the world. And when I got home I would just listen to you guys and watch the video diaries. And when I got to college I decided to start working out and I went on a diet and bravo, Curtis asked me out. He was one of those guys that every girl had a crush on and somehow, he saw the beauty in me.” “So he was, is, your first boyfriend.” Harry asked. “Yeah, and he turned out to be a complete idiot. Sometimes I have to take out a picture of us when we first met to remind me that he is my first love and that I shouldn’t be so hard on him. But now I realize that that’s what I was doing wrong, I was being too soft on him.” Then Louis came out of the bathroom. “Can I see that picture?” Harry asked. “Sure” I gave him the picture. “Wow, you look different. Your hair was longer and you were chubby, no offense.” “Non-taken.” “And I see what you mean by every girl wanted him. He’s very attractive.” “Yeah, and he’s rich. I owe my whole business to him. He gave me the money to start my own interior design office.” “Hey, he kind of looks like me.” Louis said. “No, you’re much sexier. And your accent is just adorable.” I said. “You’ve changed so much. Don’t get me wrong, you’re pretty in this picture, but now, I mean, wow.” Harry said. “You’ve changed into a sexy woman!” Louis said. I blushed and took the picture away from Harry. “Ok, stripes. Let’s go down to the gym.” “Whatever you say babe.” Louis said. I grabbed my water and said bye to Harry. Louis and I walked to the gym and I was in front of him. “Louis, why are you behind me? Come here.” “No, I like the view from back here.” I rolled my eyes and just kept walking. We got to the hotel gym and started working out; we were the only ones there. I went on the treadmill first while Louis was lifting weights. I had a hard time staying balanced while running because watching Louis flex his muscles literally made my knees weak. “Oh my gosh, Lou. You have big muscles; I just can’t take it. I can barely run, you’re literally making me weak at my knees.” “You’re just going to have to get used to it.” I stayed on the treadmill for about half an hour then I went on to lifting weights with Louis. “You have muscles too! I didn’t know you were that strong.” I just smiled and kept on lifting weights. I did that for another half hour and then I did some curl ups to define my abs and then I finished my work out with the rowing machine. Louis and I worked out for about 2 hours. “Its 11:30, we should go back to the room to get ready.” Louis said. “Ok.” This time I made sure that Louis wasn’t behind me. I put my arm around his waist and he did the same. While we were walking Louis’ hand “slipped” down to my bum. I looked at him and he was smiling. I was glad that I finally found someone that loves me for me and someone that I can go to for anything. “I love you Louis.” “I love you too Lisa.” We got back to the room and I heard that Harry was in the shower. I put my water bottle on the table and wiped myself off with a paper towel. “Lou, I’m going to go check on Jules and see how she’s doing and how her night went.” “Just don’t mention to her what happened with us last night.” “I won’t. I’ll be right back, unless you want to come with me.” “Sure, I’ll see how the guys are doing.” I walked down the hall to Niall, Zayn, and Jules’ room with Louis. I knocked on the door and nobody answered. “That’s not how you do it, silly.” Louis said with tapping my nose. “OPEN THE DOOR! IT’S US!!” Louis shouted. I laughed so hard that I snorted. I hate it when I snort; apparently Louis thought it was cute and giggled. Julia opened the door in a towel. “Good morning sunshine!” Louis and I said. “Morning guys. Come in.” Julia said. Louis ran and jumped on the bed where Zayn and Niall were sitting. “Hey guys.” I said to Zayn and Niall. “Hi, how was your night with Louis?” Niall asked. “It was just fine, we slept like angels.” Louis said. “Are you sure?” Julia asked. “Yeah, last night at about 2 we heard you guys talking and laughing loudly in the hallway and then we heard a door slam.” Niall said. “Well, Louis took me down to the pool where there was a romantic dinner set up. We went for a swim and then ate. And I had one too many drinks, so I was kind of wasted. That’s why you heard loud laughing.” I said sitting down on the bed with Zayn, Niall, and Louis. “That explains that.” Julia said. “But about a half hour after that I heard screaming and then yelling.” Niall said. Louis looked at me and I looked back at him. “Lisa and Harry got into a little fight but everything is ok now.” Louis said. “Yeah, now we’re best buddies.” I said, “And first of all Niall and Julia, why were you two the only ones awake?” “I was asleep on the couch, I suddenly got tired.” Zayn said. “Niall, Julia. What were you doing up so late?” Louis asked. “I took a chance and I lost something.” Julia said. “Oh my God Julia! You and Niall didn’t you know, do it last night. Did you?” I asked. “Yeah, we did. To make sure that Zayn wouldn’t be awake I put something in his drink to knock him out.” Niall said. “Niall, what if Paul finds out?” Zayn said. “He won’t, right guys?” “No. But Niall, what if Jules gets pregnant? Then he’s going to find out!” I said. “But it’ll be too late then so then there would be nothing he could do about it. Everything is going to be alright.” “So, how was it?” Louis asked. “Louis. Don’t ask them that,” I whispered. “We should probably get going now, I have to get ready and Harry should be out of the shower by now. We’ll meet you guys in the lobby at 1.” I said grabbing Louis’ hand and walking out of the room and into the hallway. “Louis, you don’t just ask people that. Do you know how embarrassing that is?” I said walking to our room. “I’m sorry. I was just curious.” We opened the door to see Harry naked. “Harry, why didn’t you get dressed in the bathroom?” I said immediately covering my eyes. “I left my clothes out here.” Louis closed the door and blocked Harry from my view. “Get your clothes and go in the shower. I’ll get ready in Zayn’s room.” Louis said. “Ok, just don’t leave until I get in the bathroom. I don’t want to see Harry naked.” I quickly got my clothes from my suitcase and ran into the bathroom. I took a quick shower and did my hair and makeup. I went to put my clothes on but I couldn’t find my bra. In my towel, I ran out of the door to my suitcase but I bumped into Harry and fell on him. And he was still naked. “Why hello there.” Harry said. Then the door opened and it was Louis. “Lisa!” Louis shouted. “Louis, I just came out to grab my bra. Oh my God, Harry what is that I feel on my leg?!?” I yelled. Louis helped me up. “Harry!” I said seeing what was rubbing against my leg. “It’s not my fault! I didn’t mean to, I swear!” Harry said. “Lisa, just get your bra and get ready quickly. And Harry get some clothes on.” Louis said. I went to my suitcase and looked for my bra. “My bra isn’t in here.” “Harry, where’d you put it?” Louis asked. He pointed over to his suitcase. I looked through it and found my bra. “What were you doing with this?!?” I asked. “I just wanted to see how it felt.” “Harry, there’s no explanation as to how wrong that is.” “Lisa, just forget about it and get dressed.” Louis said. I went into the bathroom and got [dressed]. When I came out of the bathroom I saw Louis talking to Harry and Harry was crying. “What happened?” I asked going to hug Harry. “Nothing.” Louis said, “Let’s get going.” On the way to the lobby I tried to get Harry to talk to me but he wouldn’t make a sound. In the van I sat next to Harry and Jules. “Harry, what’s the matter? Why won’t you talk to me? Is it something that I did?” Harry shook his head ‘no’. “Was it something that I said?” He shook his head ‘no’ again. “Did Louis say anything to you?” Harry and Louis looked at each other but Harry just shook his head ‘no’ again. “Great Louis, you broke Harry.” I said. Everyone laughed except for Harry and me. “I’m not kidding. What did you do?” “Can we please talk about this on the way back? I don’t want to bring everyone down because then we’ll all be snapping at the fans, and they don’t deserve that.” “You already brought everyone down. And you’re saying the fans don’t deserve to be in a down mood! What about us? Your best friends! Your girlfriend! What do we deserve?!?!” Louis just sat there silent for the rest of the ride, everyone did. I hugged Harry the whole time and put my head on his shoulder.

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