This story is about Lisa and her friend Julia falling for two of the boys in One Direction. Luckily, they fall for the girls also. But Lisa is in the process of breaking up with her crazy and idiotic boyfriend, Curtis. It is hard for her to break it off with him. Lisa has a complicated background with him and it's interfering with her growing relationship with Louis.


2. Right or Wrong


JULIA’S POV: Lisa and I walked out of the building with shocked looks on our faces. “Niall kissed me!” I blurted out walking to the car; I couldn’t hold it in any more. “I know.” Lisa said in a sad tone. “Why do you sound so sad? You just got Louis and Harry’s number!” “I know but Harry tried to kiss me and I wanted to let him but I just can’t cheat on Curtis.” “But he’s a jerk.” “I know, but it still doesn’t feel right.” We got to the car and Lisa gave me the $100 she owed me since I won the bet. “You keep it. I didn’t kiss him” I said. On the way back to the house we talked about Niall flirting with me. Also how both Louis and Harry seemed to like Lisa.

LISA’S POV: At home I sat on the couch and put Louis and Harry’s numbers in my phone and phone book. Then I lay down on the sofa and thought about how I should break up with Curtis when he got back from Hawaii in two days. Should I just tell him bluntly or should I let him know slowly? How would he take it? What would he do to himself; or worse, me? “Julia, come here!” I yelled. “I’m coming.” She said as she sat beside me. I started crying. “What’s the matter?” “I don’t know what to do about Curtis.” “You already decided that you’re going to break up with him.” “I know. It’s just that I don’t want to crush him. I don’t want him to hurt himself or me.” “Well he doesn’t deserve to be let down softly. Remember all of that horrible stuff that he did to you?” “Yeah.” I said still crying and nodding. “Like the time he got wasted and almost killed you in a car accident. And when you just went to a party with me and Damian when he was sick…” Julia started crying because we both knew how that story ended. But I continued, “And he thought that I was cheating on him and when I opened the door to our house…” I started cry hysterically but I felt like I had to keep going to get off my chest. “I saw him sitting on the kitchen floor cutting himself. And there was beer all over the floor and pills spilled all over the place. And when he saw me he got up and started yelling ‘you’ve been out with that a**hole all night. You’re cheating on me!’ Then I said that I was just at a party that I told him about. Then…” “Shh, it’s ok Lisa. Let it all out.” Julia said comforting me. “Then he got up and threatened to kill me and he held the knife up. And I went to reach for the phone but he got closer to me with the knife and made an x on my chest. Then I was lucky that I left the door unlocked and you came in to give me my phone that I left in the car and you saw what was happening and called the cops.” “I’ll always be there for you, you know, until you get a caring boyfriend that’s not crazy.” She made me laugh. “And then stupid Damian (his friend) bailed him out of jail. I will never forgive him.” “And to think that you used to have a crush on him in middle school.” “Shut up.” I said smiling. “When Curtis got home he apologized to me and I can’t believe that I accepted his apology. His eyes and smile are mesmerizing.” “Girl, don’t fall for him again! He almost killed you; you have to break up with him when he gets back. He comes back in two days, right?” “Yeah. I think that when he comes back I’m going to have Louis and/or Harry in the back room to protect me just in case things get out of hand when I break up with him.” Julia laughed. “I’m serious.” I said with a dead serious face on, “I’m not taking another risk.” It was now 8 P.M. and me and Jules were watching TV and eating pizza. I felt like an emotional wreck. I heard my phone ring, it was Harry. “Hello?” I said. “Hello angel.” “What’s up curly?” “I just wanted to see if you and your friend felt like going ice skating with us at 9.” “Sounds like fun, let me ask Julia.” I said to Harry. “Jules, the boys want to know if we want to go ice skating with them at 9.” I said to Julia. “But we don’t know how to skate.” “Exactly.” “Ok then, sure.” “Harry?” I said. “Yes” he said in his sexy British accent. “She said yes. Do you want us to meet you at the rink?” “No, we’ll pick you up. What’s your address?” I gave Harry our address. “Ok, I’ll see you at 9. I love you” he said. “What?” I said surprised. “I said we’ll see you at 9. I love you.” “Bye” I said quickly. “He said that he loves me” I said to Jules. “What?” Julia said. “Yeah. We should get ready; they’ll be here at 9.”

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