This story is about Lisa and her friend Julia falling for two of the boys in One Direction. Luckily, they fall for the girls also. But Lisa is in the process of breaking up with her crazy and idiotic boyfriend, Curtis. It is hard for her to break it off with him. Lisa has a complicated background with him and it's interfering with her growing relationship with Louis.


4. People Going All The Way

Me and Louis played footsie under the car seat. “I have a smashing idea.” Louis said. “What?” I asked. “How about you and Julia stay at the hotel tonight with us?” “Sounds good to me.” I said. “It’s alright with me, but there’s one rule.” Paul said. “No sex, we know.” Said Harry. “We just have to stop home to get our clothes together.” Jules said. “Alright. Paul, can we stop by their flat so that they can get their clothes?” Niall asked. “Sure.” Paul said. “Although, I don’t mind seeing them naked.” Harry said looking straight at me. I shook my head. “Bad Harry!” Zayn and Liam said. “She’s all mine.” Louis said hugging me tighter. “Not all of her, after all the rule is no sex.” Harry said looking Louis dead in the eye. Louis rolled his eyes while I blushed and dug my head into his shoulder. “We’re here.” Paul said. Julia and I got out while everyone followed us. I opened the door, “Welcome to our home!” Julia said. “We’ll be right back, make yourself comfortable. Feel free to look around.” I said. I went to my room while Julia went to hers. Louis and Harry soon came into my room. Louis pointed at the picture of Curtis on my bedside table, “so this is the biggest f***in’ a**hole jerk in the frickin’ world?” He asked. I started laughing, “Yes it is.” “I have to admit, he’s a good looking lad.” “Yeah, but I wish he wasn’t such a jerk.” I was almost finished getting my stuff together. I went into my walk-in closet to pick a blouse out. I heard Harry looking through my drawers, “Ooh, what’s this?” I heard him say then he came into my closet. He was holding a thong up. “It’s what it looks like.” He put it in his mouth and walked out. “You’re nasty Harry!” I said. “Um, babe. What’s this?” Louis said holding my lady toy. “It’s um. Well, I’ve always wanted to know what it felt like and I never wanted Cutis to do it so I bought that.” I said in a soft innocent voice. “Does it work wonders for you?” He asked. “Louis!” “What? I just want to know about my competition.” “Yeah, it gets me where I need to go. You have some pretty tough competition. Now put that back, Jules doesn’t even know that I have that.” Louis put it back and I zipped up my suit case. I walked out of my room with Louis. In the living room I was shocked to see Harry asking Dani and Julia how they use a tampon and they were actually telling him! “Harry! Where’d you get that!!?” I asked angrily grabbing it out of his hand. “You’re room.” He said. “No comment. Let’s go.” I said leading everyone to the door. I locked the door and we got in the van and were on our way to the hotel.

LOUIS’ POV: Lisa has no idea that I put her toy in her suitcase. Tonight I’m going to check out my competition. In the van I flirted with Lisa to see if she was truly interested in me, I french-kissed her too. “Somebody please make sure they get their own room!” Zayn said. “Sorry, but that’s not going to happen. Harry, Louis, and Lisa are all sharing a room.” Paul said. “But there’s only one bed” I said. “You guys will just have to figure something out.” I saw Harry trying to hide his smile by looking down. “Don’t even think about it Harry.” Lisa said. “Think about what?” he said. “I think we all know.” I said. I held Lisa against my chest on the way to the hotel. “Guys we’re here. Go straight to your rooms.” Paul said.  Lisa got out of the van with Julia, they were very close friends. I caught up with them and asked, “So, how long have you two been friends?” They looked at each other. “Since kindergarten, I think.” Julia said. “Yeah, kindergarten. But we became really good friends in seventh grade.” Lisa said with a smile on her face. Niall swept Julia off of her feet and took her to their room, they shared with Zayn. I put Lisa on my back and we went to our shared room with Harry. “So,” Harry began, “do you two have any plans for tonight?” “I don’t think so.” Lisa said. “Well, I arranged a dinner for us and I figured that we could watch a film.” I said. “Louis, what restaurant is open at mid-night?” “I didn’t say that we were going to a restaurant; go get your bathing suit on.” Lisa went to her suit case and said, “Louis, I didn’t bring a bathing suit.” “No problem, I have a mankini that you can borrow and you can just wear a bra.” I said. “Why do you have a mankini?” “The fans.” “It might be a little big. If you know what I mean.” Harry said. Lisa looked at Harry and then me. She went into the bathroom to get changed. I called room service and Paul to make sure that our food was by the pool and that there was nobody down there. Everything was ready and I got changed quickly, but not in time. Lisa opened the door and saw me naked. She covered her eyes. “Louis, why didn’t you change yet?” “Come on babe, don’t be shy. I was going to let it all hang out tonight anyway. I’m getting changed right now.” I slipped on my bathing suit.

LISA’S POV: I just saw Louis naked, oh my goodness. I felt so weird in Louis’ bathing suit that was too big and wearing a bra. I looked at the floor the whole time because I was so shy. “Harry, would you please stop staring at me? I feel uncomfortable already.” I said. “Aw…ok.” “Are you ready babe?” Louis asked me. “Yeah, let me just grab my towel.” I got my towel and grabbed Louis’ hand. “Bye Harry.” Louis said. “Bye curly.” I said. “Bye Louis. Bye angel.” He said and I smiled. “You’re going to love this.” Louis said stopping and covering my eyes. “I’m sure I will, but it’ll never compare to how much I love you.” I moved his hands and kissed him. He covered my eyes again and we walked into the pool room. I could tell by the smell of the chlorine. He moved his hands from my eyes and I saw the pool surrounded by lighted candles, the windows had long dark red curtains blocking the outside world, there was a table set with two chairs, and there was romantic music playing in the background. I gasped. “Louis, I love it! I didn’t know that you were this romantic!” “Well, I saved the best for you.” He gave me a kiss and jumped into the pool. I jumped in after him. We played around in the pool for a while and shared a couple of romantic kisses. I got out of the pool and sat at the table. “I’m ready to eat Hun, I’m starving.” He got out of the pool and sat at the table with me. “Let’s eat.” Louis fed me and I fed him too. We had some wine, and I think I had one too many drinks. “Lou, I think we should go back to the room.” I said feeling buzzed. “Sounds like a good idea.” I couldn’t walk in a straight line. “Whoa, Lisa. I think you had too many drinks.” Louis said. “I think so too.” I said. He picked me up bridal style and took me back to our room. Harry had a blanket over him and was fast asleep on the couch. “Thank goodness we have the bed to ourselves.” Louis said. “Yeah, let me get into my pajamas.” I got changed into [this] and Louis went commando. I wasn’t shy this time. I saw Louis going through my bags. “What are you doing?” I asked. “Looking for this.” He said holding up my lady toy. “How’d that get in there?” “I put it in there. I want to check out my competition. If it’s alright with you.” I just stood there looking at Louis then the toy thinking about what to say. “Um…sure. I guess.” “Ok now then, take off your shorts and underwear and I’ll do the rest.” Louis said motioning to the bed. “Whoa, it’s not that easy you know. I’m dry. I need to, you know,” I blushed, “get roused up and wet first.” I got on the bed and took my shorts off. Louis was anxious to do something so I let him take my underwear off. He did it with his mouth and I blushed. “You know what to do, right?” I asked. “Yeah.” I laid there blushing like crazy. His fingers were very forceful. “Ok, I think that’s good.” I said smiling. He stopped and got the toy. “All you have to do is flip the switch.” “Ok, I got this love. Let me scope out my competition.” Louis put it in me and he moved it back and forth and just looked at me. I felt the pleasure coming. “Right there, baby. Oh yeah!” I said, I couldn’t help it. Louis started reading my face like it was a book and he was studying for an exam. “Oh dear Lord. Oh my God. Almost there!” I screamed. I held onto the bed and tried to keep my feet grounded. “Ahh!!!” I screamed as I got to my climax. I was sweating and breathing like I just ran 5 miles. “Wow.” I heard two voices say. “Harry?!?!” Louis and I yelled. Louis yanked the toy out of me and I pulled the blankets over myself. “You were awake the whole time?” I yelled. “Yup, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I knew that you two weren’t just going to come back and go to sleep, it seemed too clean.” “You sick man whore bastard!” Louis yelled. Harry just rolled his eyes and said, “Oh well.” “Oh well?!?! You just saw me naked! That’s nothing to say ‘oh well’ about!” I put my underwear and pants back on and ran over to where Harry was. “What are you going to do about it?” Harry asked like a little kid. I tackled him and knocked him on the floor and his blanket came off. “Harry!” I said when I saw that he was naked and jumped off of him. “What?” “You’re naked!” I turned away. “Yeah, and?” “You knew that Lisa would be in here with us and you still went to sleep naked?” Louis asked walking over to him. “Well, I thought that she wouldn’t mind and I wasn’t expecting her to tackle me!” “Can you just please put some clothes on, both of you?” I said feeling awkward. “Fine” they both said. “But I’m not putting a shirt on.” Harry said. “Whatever” was my response; I was too disgusted to care. As long as he something on I was fine. “Ok, now why did you think that I wouldn’t mind seeing you naked?” I asked Harry. “Because…” “Because why?” Louis budded in. “Because, I thought we had a thing going. And I thought you liked me.” I saw the disappointment in his face and I didn’t know what to say without hurting him. “Harry, I do like you. But I love Louis. There’s a difference. And you can’t just assume that every girl likes you just because you’re Harry Styles, the guy that every teenage girl wants.” I went over to him and gave him a hug. “And it just so happens that I’m not one of those teenage girls. I fell in love with Louis, the adorable and funny guy from Doncaster. Not Harry, the flirt from a tiny village called Cheshire. Although I have to admit it, he isn’t that bad looking.” I said that last part with a slight laugh. Harry and Louis let out a giggle. I could tell that Harry was holding something in. “Yeah but, I’m not that confused guy anymore that fell in love with 32 year-olds. Now I think I finally understand what love is. And I found that out when I saw you on line waiting to meet us. And I knew that I had to get you before Louis because I saw that t-shirt you were wearing.” He laughed and I blushed. “Yeah, I think that t-shirt was a little bit too ambitious” I said looking at Louis. “I thought it was cute” Louis said giving me a hug. “Well Harry, you can have me, but only as a close friend. Okay? I hope you understand.” “Yeah, SHE’S MINE!” Louis yelled. “I get it.” Harry said. “Now can we catch some sleep? We have another meet and greet tomorrow.” Louis said. “Yeah, I guess we should. Lisa, do you want to come with us tomorrow?” Harry asked. I looked at Louis, “Sure. I would love to see what other fans do.” “Great. Good night” Harry said walking over to the couch. “No Harry, come here. You can sleep with us on the bed.” Louis said. “Yeah, come here and cuddle with me and Boo Bear.” Harry smiled and laid down next to me, I was sandwiched Louis and Harry. “Good night my lovies” I said and I gave Harry and Louis a kiss. “Night Angel” Harry said. “Good night babe” Louis said. Louis fell asleep first and then Harry. I was thinking about Curtis and what he would do if he found out about this. I couldn’t sleep with them knowing that Curtis would probably kill me so I tried to quietly sneak out of bed and go to the couch but I woke Harry up. “Where are you going?” I heard a sexy tired voice say. I turned around to see Harry sitting up. “I’m going to sleep on the couch.” “Why? It was me wasn’t it?” “No. I just can’t sleep with you guys knowing what Curtis would do.” I started crying and sat on the couch. “Shh…tell me what’s happening between you guys.” Harry said joining me on the couch hugging me. “Well one night I went out to a birthday party with Julia and my other friend Damian. And Curtis couldn’t go because he had a fever. So I went to the party and Curtis was fine with it. I had a good time at the party and at the time, Julia wasn’t living with me, so she picked me up and drove me home. And I said good night and all of that and then I went in my house. I put down my keys and purse and went into the kitchen and I saw…” I started crying hysterically. Harry hugged me tighter and I heard Louis get up. “What’s the matter?” Louis asked Harry in his sexy voice. “Shh. Go on Lisa, it will only make you feel better.” Harry said. Now Louis was sitting on the other side of me. “And I saw beer bottles and pills spilled over the place. Then I saw Curtis on the floor cutting himself. Then he got up, pointed the knife at my chest, and started yelling at me that I was cheating on him with his best friend. I told him that I wasn’t and he didn’t believe me! Then I went to reach for the phone and…” I put my head in my hands and Louis patted my back and tried comforting me. I picked my head up and continued. “I went to reach for the phone and he got closer to me with the knife but I still went for the phone. He got closer and ripped my shirt with the knife and cut an x on my chest. That’s why I have a scar on my chest. And I was lucky that I left my door unlocked and Jules came in because I forgot my phone in her car. She saw what was happening and called the police.” I wiped my tears away, “They came and arrested him and sentenced him for 15 years. But when his friend, Damian found out he bailed him out of jail. I’ll never forgive that a**hole. And to think that I used to have a crush on him in middle school.” I laughed at myself. “Then what happened?” Harry asked. “Well, I was surprised to see him come home. He came up to me and hugged me and stared deep into my eyes and apologized…..and I accepted it. I’m such an idiot.” I started crying again. “You’re not an idiot Lisa. You were probably just caught up in his eyes and didn’t know what to say or think. You were confused, there’s nothing wrong with you. He’s the one with the problem, taking advantage of such a beautiful woman.” Louis said and gave me a long passionate kiss. I stopped crying. “Wow, I can’t believe how much of a jerk and an a** someone can be.” Harry said. “He’s coming back from Hawaii in two days.” I said with a pout on my face.  “When he comes back I’m breaking up with him. And I was wondering if you guys can be there with me, just in case something happens.” “I’ll be there.” Louis said. “Me too.” Harry said. “You guys are the best! I love you guys!” I gave them both a hug. “And I’m sorry for waking you guys up.” “It’s ok.” They both said. “Let’s go back to bed.” Louis said. I ran back to bed and went right to sleep.


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