This story is about Lisa and her friend Julia falling for two of the boys in One Direction. Luckily, they fall for the girls also. But Lisa is in the process of breaking up with her crazy and idiotic boyfriend, Curtis. It is hard for her to break it off with him. Lisa has a complicated background with him and it's interfering with her growing relationship with Louis.


1. I Think I'm Falling For You


JULIA’S POV: “OMG!! I’m so excited to finally be going to a meet and greet!” “Me too!” Lisa, her friend, said, “We should get going.” I walked out of my house and hopped in the car with Lisa in the passenger seat. On the way we talked about what would happen if Louis, my favorite member, hugged me and fell for me. We started freaking out as we got closer to the place. I and Lisa were wearing matching [I Love Louis Tomlinson t-shirts, jeans, and heels]. Lisa didn’t wear heels though because she would be 6 foot. I was 5’5, even with heels on. We were finally there and I found a parking spot about 2 blocks away. Lisa and I walked into the building and there were about 20 girls there, you had to win a competition to meet the boys. Suddenly everyone started screaming and I saw the boys walk in. “Oh my God, oh my God!” I said. “Are you ready Jules?” “I think so.” Lisa made a deal with me that she’ll give me $100 if I flirt with Louis, kiss him, and get his number. I was talking about what I was going to say while the girls in front of us met them. She also tried to keep me from fainting. We were waiting for about 2 hours by the time it was our turn. “Hi! Oh my gosh! I love you guys so much!” I blurted out uncontrollably. Lisa whispered in my ear to keep it cool. “So, Louis.” “Yes love”he said. “Are you single or are you and Eleanor still together?” “I’m single. Are you and your friend single?” I can’t believe he just asked me that, he must be interested. “Well I’m single. But my friend is in the process of breaking up with her idiot boyfriend. So she is practically single.” “Now what’s your name and your friend’s name?” Louis asked checking Lisa out. “I’m Julia and my friend is Lisa.” I said. “Thanks babe” he said as he walked over to Lisa. He called me babe! I followed him to the rest of the boys.

Meanwhile LISA’S POV: “Hey guys” I said. “Hello” they said. “Now what’s your name love?” Harry asked. “I’m Lisa and my friend over there is Julia.” “Well Lisa, you’re very pretty.” Harry Styles just said that I’m pretty! I smiled and I felt myself blush. I kept talking to all of them and kept a conversation going without fangirling. Then I felt a strong yet soft hand touch my shoulder. I turned around to see Louis’ green eyes looking right into my chocolate brown eyes. “Hello Lisa” I heard him say. It took me a while to answer because I got lost in his eyes. “Lisa” Julia said slightly shaking me; I was still caught in his eyes. “Huh? Oh hi Louis.” “Where are you from?” “I’m from here, New York, Long Island.” “That doesn’t make sense. I thought you were from Tennessee.” “What makes you think that? I don’t have a southern accent or anything.” “Because you are the only ten I see.” Wow, that was a really cheesy pick-up line but I laughed and blushed anyway. Harry and Louis kept flirting with me; Louis had the cheesiest pick-up lines while Harry was being charming. Niall started talking to Julia. I heard him say, “I’m sorry but Julia…” “Yes…” she answered. “Do you have a map? I'm getting lost in your eyes.” I heard her giggle and from the corner of my eye I saw her blush. “So Lisa” Harry began. “Yes” I answered looking deep into his green eyes. “Do you have a cell phone?” “Of course I do.” “Well then would you mind giving me your number?” Did Harry Styles just seriously ask for my number?!?! “Me too!” yelled Louis. “Sure.” I gave them both my number and they gave me their number. “Next!” I heard security yell. All of the guys gave me and Julia a hug, Louis hugging me the hardest. “So I’m hoping I’ll see you soon?” Louis asked while hugging me. I nodded my head. I saw Niall give Julia a peck on the cheek. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Harry lean into me to give me a kiss on the cheek but I walked away while I could. I can’t cheat on my boyfriend, even if he is a jerk.

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