Rollercoaster of Life

At age 14, Mona Grace Meachin (goes by Grace) is piled with devastating news that her mother has had and affair and left them, leaving her with her father. 4 years later at 18, her father passed away after being diagnosed with cancer, forcing her to turn to her closest friend, Shay Marie Wells. But what may seem like many unfortunate events, makes the biggest impact on her life so far.


3. The Vow No Longer Counts

The doors opened revealing a nicely decorated flat. The colors were silver and black. It was so classy, and made our flat look so understated. The titanic 108" inch plasma screen, the reclining leather seats, the worlds hugest kitchen, and the view. It had all taken my breath away. Zayn yanked at my arm and dragged me to a hallway which had 5 rooms. The order from left to right was: The Orange Room, The Green Room, The Purple Room, The Blue Room, and The Red Room. Each decorated differently. Zayn pointed to the blue room. "Thats my room. Harry is Orange. Niall is Green. Liam is Blue and Louis is Red." I ventured through each of the boys rooms carefully, as each uncovers a new mystery. I went to Louis room first. It was blood red and had pictures of him and a brunette girl everywhere, who I am guessing was Eleanore. Not to mention in th courner of his room was a stuffed pigeon. It was all rather odd but I disacknowledged It. After all Louis himself had a weird beat. His bed spread was what you would see in a 6 year old boys room. Superman. I chuckled to myself about this, and left the room. When I came out I expected Zayn to be there, but he wasn't so I continued on. Next, was Zayn's room. It was electric blue, and had mirrors pretty much everywhere. If Bloody Marry had a favorite place, I promise you it was here. He had small mirrors, big mirrors, fat mirrors, any mirror you could imagine this man had it. He had a giant dresser with hair brushes,combs,hair gel,hair spray, hair dryers and of course, more mirrors. But one wall caught my intrust. I slowly approached it admirering everything on it. He had free handed pictures of things. One caught my attention, it was of a beautiful girl, she was blond and had a sweet gentle look to herself. "That's Perrie." I turned around and beaming straight into my eyes was Harry. His curls looked almost perfect. Smiling like a cherub leaning against the doorway. "Come on, let's look at the other rooms shall we?" I smiled and this time I took Harry's hand. It felt good, him not wanting to let go. We went in Liam's room which was purple and in the courner resided some turtles, and there was a giant blow up of which Harry had told me was Danielle. Damn these girls were stunning. I had way too much to live up too. I am way out of Harry or Niall's league, I thought to myself walking into Nialls room. It was green, and he had old food EVERYWHERE! I giggle at the mess and started to clean a tad bit. "I wouldn't do that if I were you, Niall likes his room like this." I shrugged ad picked up a few more things. There were also pictures of Mullinger everywhere and laying on his bed was his guitar. Dodging every little thing on the ground I scooted the mess over and sat down. I started to play the music that was laid infront of me. It was beautiful. I had never heard anything like it. "What is this?" I asked Harry wanting an answer. "The new song, we havnt gotten far, just chords. No lyrics yet." I nodded. I placed the guitar back down and tiptoed out of Nialls room. Last, was Harry's. It was orange. There were pictures of his mum,sister,dad, step dad and his cat everywhere. His room was decorated with stuffed cats and turtles.I smirked. "What? Our girls are very generous at the concert. I looked at Harry next to me we starred in each others eyes for what seemed like forever. I then glanced down at the ground in fear I was blushing. Harry placed his fingers under my chin and propped my head up "Your cute when your blushing." I started to respond but Harry wouldn't let me. He shut me up. I wouldn't want to be shut up any other way. He leaned in slowly and planted his lips gently against mine. Sparks flew, and that's when I knew that the vow I had made to never fall in love with a boy from One Direction could not last any longer.

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