Rollercoaster of Life

At age 14, Mona Grace Meachin (goes by Grace) is piled with devastating news that her mother has had and affair and left them, leaving her with her father. 4 years later at 18, her father passed away after being diagnosed with cancer, forcing her to turn to her closest friend, Shay Marie Wells. But what may seem like many unfortunate events, makes the biggest impact on her life so far.


2. The Story Takes a Turn for Better or for Worse


We Pulled up to the mall. I turned nevously, but anxiously to Shay. She beamed straight at me and we nodded our heads at the same time hopping out the car as if we were 6 again, on Christmas. When we got to Victoria's Secret a male greeted us. "Hey girls are you the new employes?" We nodded. I bet we looked like freaks because he then asked Shay "Are you both okay? You seem a little-" "ECSTATIC? WE ARE!" i replied. "Well okay." he chuckled in ammusment "Your stations are out here. Shay you are gonna be in the in the clothing section, Grace your at the bras and underwear, and I am at the register. Oh and by the way you see that woman over there?" he pointed at a tall, thin girl. She looked like she wore a 34DD and she had deep red hair. She kinda looked like a bitch, i thought to myself. But no need to make assumptions before I meet her. "Thats Clairesse, she works in beauty. Shes kinda a bitch, but no need to make assumptions, i mean for all I know you might really like her. Oh and by the way, I am Kevin." I smirked, as Kevin walked away to the register. He seemed like a pretty cool lad. I looked around at the store, it was now my second home. I took a deep breath in. I could smell the fresh fragerance of Bombshell being sprayed everywhere. I swear i was in heaven. Everything that was on my mind seemed to fade away. All the mistakes I hade made? Gone. Not a care in the world. I headed over to my station. It was a long, and tedious day. At about 12 I had gotten back from my lunch break with Shay. We had a meal that consisted of a smoothie and a cookie. We had also brought back some Nando's incase we got hungry later on. The store was empty and quiet. Being teenagers we decided to go do some stuff. We locked the doors to the store since Clairesse and Kevin wouldn't be back for 2 hours. we grabbed every bra and pair of underwear we could find and closed the store shutters. We sprinted to the changing room and tried on everything! I was trying on a bombshell and a scandalous pair of panties when i heard yelling from the outside of the store, followed by ramming on the door. there were more than two people, so I quickly threw on a a night shirt and ran to the door unlocking it, the door whipped open and I was trampled. I woke up about 10 minutes later, with 6 people yelling at each other, "IS THE DOOR LOCKED?" "YES, IT IS...IT HAS TO BE!" "MONA ARE YOU OKAY?" That wasnt the voice I was used to hearing, but I responded "Shay, you know I hate my real name." my eyes fluttered open revealing Shay, 4 boys I had never seen and the boy from the elevator...What was his name? Bryce? Brooks? Yes, Brooks well thats what he told me. "Grace! Oh dear lord your okay!" Shay knelt down and hugged me. "YOU GUYS COULD HAVE KILLED HER! SHE'S LIKE A LITTLE SISTER TO ME! EVEN THOUGH YOU'RE IN ONE DIRECTION DOESN'T GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO JUST NEARLY KILL PEOPLE!" Wait...what?One Direction? As in that stupid boy band? Oh great. "Shay, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean too! I'm probably gonna go to Hell for this, oh shit I'm gonna go to Hell for saying Hell! And i just said shit! OH NO I said it agian!" the one who had just spoke looked 18. He had light brown wavy hair, and had deep brown eyes. Brooks knelt down next to me and looked me straight in my eyes, he looked really scared. He gently caressed my chocolate brown hair, and said "You have very beautiful eyes, it suits a perfect girl like you" I blushed more than i ever had before." By the way im Harry, the one freaking out is Liam." I looked over at him and he smiled waving, then went back to freaking out. "I'm Zayn." said a misterious voice. I whipped around and saw a stunning male. His facial features looked scientifically perfect and his eyes were soft but, so lovely."Thats Louis." he pointed to a boy holding up a bra up against his body. "Do you think this fits?" i giggled. "Umm you might wanna try a different section." he smiled and sat next to Harry. Louis looked about 20 years old, deffinatly the oldest."And thats.....uh...Liam where is Niall?" I looked around, finally seeing an adorble lad walk out of the break room with a smile on his face. He was holding our Nandos. "I'm guessing your Niall?" "YES! AND YOU HAVE NANDOS! SO YOUR MY NEW BEST FRIEND!" He sprinted me and gave me the hugest huge in the world. I felt so safe. I think i recall someone calling it a "Horan Hug"? But it was perfect. I just wanted stay there forever. About 2 minutes into our hug, Harry cleared his throat."Umm Niall, can I talk to Mon- uhhh Grace in private please?" You could tell all the boys were a tad disapointed by this, even Shay but the all went into the break room. Harry grabbed my had and helped my up. "Take off your shoes." he demanded. He was such a good dictator. I did as he said, and as soon as i did he swooped me up and carried me bridal style over to a couch and gently laid me down on it. I felt like a Princess. But i vowed I would not fall for any guy from the worlds stupidest band. Harry sat down in a chair next to me and asked how i was feeling. I didnt respond so he told me to stay there. He disappeared from the room and came back with 2 cups. "What is it?" i asked curously. "Tea, now drink up." i looked at him suspiciously. He laughed to himself and took a giant chug. I sipped the tea. It was chammomile tea. My favorite. "Thank you, for the tea. Its my favorite. It's what me and my dad would drink every morning before playing a round of scrabble and listening to the rain." I don't think Harry knew what to say too that be he responded smoothly. "He seems like an amaing person, now i know where you get it from." i blushed but a sad feeling hit me. "Yeah he was, look I dont usually tell this to just anyone dad he passed away a week ago...from cancer." Harry's smile turned to a look of shock. You could tell he was embarressed. But he quickly shook it off. "Hey, umm I just wanted to know if you wanted to come haang with me and the boys tonight at our flat. You could bring Shay too." I took that in. Well they were rich, I could possibly mooch my dinner off of them and not spend a cent. "Sure. That would be nice." We opened back up the shop and worked for the rest of the day. The boys were hiding from all the crazied fans in the break room, i smirked as I got a text. FROM_Your Love, Harry<3;) :Hello love, I see you. You look stunning. Keep smiling.Your even more perfect than usuall when you do, and thats really hard.;) I blushed. smiling down at my phone. Clairesse then approached me. "What in the hell do you think your doing?" i tried to respond but she cut me off "I don't know why but I had some complaints that the store was closed earlier, and I'm gonna find out why. When I'm am done with you you'll have no job and no friends. So keep it up bitch." she gave me a nasty look and strutted off out if the store. I wanted to do so many terrible things to her but i knew i couldnt. So, I just kept working until the day was over.

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