Rollercoaster of Life

At age 14, Mona Grace Meachin (goes by Grace) is piled with devastating news that her mother has had and affair and left them, leaving her with her father. 4 years later at 18, her father passed away after being diagnosed with cancer, forcing her to turn to her closest friend, Shay Marie Wells. But what may seem like many unfortunate events, makes the biggest impact on her life so far.


4. That Night

Harry and I walked back beaming and holding hands into the kitchen. There was a boatload of pizza. "Where were you 2? I have been STARVING!" Niall whined. We all grabbed some pizza and headed to the living room I front of the tv. The seating order went like this: Liam, Shay, Niall, Me, Harry and Zayn. By the time the movie was over Harry and I were the only ones awake."You tired love?" "Very." i yawned. He picked me up and carried me to his room where he laid me on the bed. He then gently laid his body next to mine. I rolled sideways, he did the same. He then intertwined our legs and wrapped his arms around me. I could feel his hit breath hit my neck and in an instant I was out.

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