Rollercoaster of Life

At age 14, Mona Grace Meachin (goes by Grace) is piled with devastating news that her mother has had and affair and left them, leaving her with her father. 4 years later at 18, her father passed away after being diagnosed with cancer, forcing her to turn to her closest friend, Shay Marie Wells. But what may seem like many unfortunate events, makes the biggest impact on her life so far.


5. Nialler's Disapointment

The next morning, I expected to awake in my own bed, as I had in the past years. My eyes fluttered open and the touch of someone against me made me jump. Harry immediately flipped out and ended up flipping off the be onto the floor. I laughed. "Harry?" I asked. No response. Out of no where a brown fluff popped up from the end of the bed, his head slowly rose and he rested his chin on the end of the bed, grinning from ear to ear. "Why are you smiling love?" he hopped up on the bed and held my hands in his. His touch gave me chills. "Because you are 20 times more beautiful without makeup." I blushed "Come on you cheeky lad. Let's go have some breakfeast." No one was up yet, so we settled on what to cook. Giant gooey cinnamon rolls, crispy bacon, and a side of delicious cheese eggs. Niall was the 1st to come in. His eyes widened at the amount of food we cooked, knowing he would eat...ALOT. Shay came in next, followed by Louis, Liam and then Zayn. We all grabbed a plate of food and headed to the living room. Louis put on the news and we started talking. The next thing the T.V. Blasted was a complete shocker. "LOUIS,LIAM,NIALL,ZAYN,HARRY,AND TWO MYSTERY GIRLS SEEN AT THE MALL. ONE OF THE GIRLS WAS EVEN HOLDING CELEBRITY HARRY STYLES HAND. HERE'S A PHOTO WE GOT OF THEM LAST NIGHT" It was a picture of me and Harry parked on the interstate. His lips pressed against mine. Niall gasped. You could tell he was devastated. Niall walked up to the kitchen with 1/2 a plate full of food, and tossed it in the trash."I'm not hungry" he whimpered tearing up. Niall stormed out of the room. "Niall!" I called after him. I looked Harry into his eyes as to say let me fix this. I got up and put a cinnamon roll on a napkin and ran after Niall. I paced down the hall and from a room which I hadn't been into yet I heard distant crying. I shoved the door open and there were stairs laying in front of me. I picked each foot up following the path, listening to the cry getting closer and closer. Finally, there in front of me was Niall. His eyes had tears pouring from them. I slowly approached the young boy. "What do you want?" he reprimanded. Suddenly the boy I thought I had knew shifted. "You ran away out of no where, and I was worried about you." his face lit up a tiny bit "You cared about me?" I nodded in confession as I say down on the ground next to him. "Here, this should cheer you up." I smiled warmly straight at him. He reached his hand out an grabbed the cinnamon roll. Taking a small bit of it, the goo oozed of the roll dripping onto his chin. I took my finger and wiped away the cinnamon. He blushed, and continued to eat. The last bite he hesitated to take. "Here, I want you to have this." knowing after all that had happened I accepted the roll, I opened my mouth and he popped the roll in. We say there for about a good hour or two explaining our life's and things about ourselfs. When I said Niall seemed like he used to be a completely different person, it turns out he was. He said all the haters had drove him to think he was ugly, not good enough, didn't dress right, and he didn't belong in One Direction. A tear rolled down the side of my face. Niall stood up and then helped me up almost immediately. He greeted me again with a a Horan Hug, but this time he planted his lips straight onto mine. He blushed so red, and I bet I did to. We both shared a good giggle or two and he threw me on his back. A piggy back ride. Something I hadn't had in a while. Niall had the same personality as my dad. Oh how I missed him. Nialler and I zoomed back into the kitched and greeted everyone. "Hey Grace, our manager just called. She wants to see us. Do you an Shay want to come." "I'm busy but if you want to grace that's okay." I nodded and grinned in excitement. I gave Shay a hug and she was on her way. "Well you go get freshened up. We have a long day ahead of us." stated Liam

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