Rollercoaster of Life

At age 14, Mona Grace Meachin (goes by Grace) is piled with devastating news that her mother has had and affair and left them, leaving her with her father. 4 years later at 18, her father passed away after being diagnosed with cancer, forcing her to turn to her closest friend, Shay Marie Wells. But what may seem like many unfortunate events, makes the biggest impact on her life so far.


1. And The Rollar Coaster Begins

       I drove silently as the rain tapped on my White Jeep Wrangler, the world was quiet except for the cries from the clouds. I had been driving for what had ssemed like forever. A tear dripped down my face as I sped down the highway. I was tired, and had been traveling for a long while. What is taking so long, I wondered. A drive from HoLmes Chapel to North England shouldn't take this long. I missed him. I even remeber the last words I had said to him, how could I forget. My vision got blurier as the memory replaid over and over in my mind, like an old record. "Plese don't go...I promise, that when I find a man, he will be perfect just like you. And i will never do to him what she did to you. I love you." and like that he was gone. A long never ending beeping noise followed as the nurses poured in one bye one. The woman I vowed I would never be like was my mom, and the man who had passed was my dad. When I was 14 my mom had an affair with her boss and had left my dad and I to move in with him. My father and I had lived on the outskirts of Homels Chapel. We had a little cottage. It was perfect like what you would see in a movie, it had a huge garden out front and honey suckles growing up the side. It always smelled of freshly baked cookies and I loved it there. After my dad died, I decided it was time to leave that hell hole. too many bad things had happend there. The rain down poured even harder, I was headed over to my best friend in the whole entire universes house, Shay Maire Wells. She was tall 5'8" maybe 5'9" the last time I saw her. But thah was on my 17th birthday. I was 18 now and had no where to turn, but to her. She was blond, and had big sky blue eyes that looked like a tropical sea. I looked up at the exit, above it was a sign that screamed "One Direction: World Tour in LONDON in 3 DAYS" I rolled my eyes in disgust. I hated One Direction. They had pretty much taken over everything and every girl in the world. But not me, I would rather be dead than like them. I drove a few more minutes and arrived at a huge building, 15 maybe 16 floors. I walked up to the front door and punched in the numbers 1327488901432522# into the pad. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP, it nagged. I dragged the door open and yanked my stuff out of the rain inside. I walked over to the elevator and hobbled in. I pressed level 14. I stood there awkwardly, dripping wet, cause there was a boy next to me. He looked about my age, and had big brown curls. His eyes were perfetc, a vivid green, and he had perfectly placed dimples on his cheeks that gave him a boyish appearance. "You seem a bit drenched love." he procliamed. "Really? That's the look i was going for." he chuckled showing his pearly white teeth. "What's your name?" he asked me starring contently into my eyes. "Ummm....Grace...." What? He was a stranger, I couldn't just give him my number that easily. "Well... I' m uhh Brooks." You could tell her was lying but I didnt really care. "Well this is my stop... nice meeting you." i said scampering off in a hurry. "And you too, Mona." he said grinning. "WHAT? HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME?" he pointed at my bag, and with that the doors closed. I glanced down at my bag and saw my bad tag "Mona Grace Meachin" I chuckled. He was a cheeky fellow, but I didn't think I would be sseing anymore of him. I walked over to the only door on the floor, Room 317. But before I could knock, the door swung open and out popped Shay. She practically tackled me to the ground, I was the most happy i had been in a while. Her big, loose curls bobbed up and down as she grabbed my stuff and helped me inside. "Thanks for letting me stay here." "Anything for you, but you NEED to get washed up I mean we have to go for work." she squealed. Work? "I dont have a job..." she took this in and replied. " I didn't tell you? Silly me! I got us both a job at the mall. We are working at Victoria's Secret!" My heart skipped a beat, beacuse if I could work at any store it would be there, and Shay knew thst. I quickly hopped in the shower and bathed off. When i got out Shay greeted me with a towel and had my clothes already picked out. Black Yoga Pants with a pink lace trim, a pink tank that had "Up All Night" written on it in diamond studs, my pink pumps, and a Victoria's Secret jacket that had a name tag on it "Grace" it read. I slipped on my clothes and headed to the bathroom. Shay made my hair look all voluminous like the models. She made my eyeliner form a wing and applied gold shadown, later giving me fake lashes. Lastly, she spritzed my perfum, Alien by Theirry Mulinger on all over my body. I glanced in the mirror. "Holy Shit." "WHAT'S WRONG?" Shay whimpered. "You look SOOO HOT!" And she was right. My body looked etreamly toned and glowed. I had never lookd like this before, but i loved it. A smile grew across my face and I squealed "LET'S GO TO WORK!" we both did a little dance, grabbed our stuff and were off.

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