lady outlaw

We all know who robin hood was, we also knew at the end of the the stories about him, he ends up married to maid Marian. They never really said what happened after that, well this is the story of what happens when you are the daughter of an outlaw and a lady.

please give advice or just tell me what you think.


1. An outlaw

Anna's mother and father used to tell her to stay away from the forest near Nottingham yet they never told me why, as I stood in those exact woods I couldn't understand what was so bad. The trees were a dark green colour and covered in moss, the ferns were soft to touch and the ground was rich with damp soil. Birds sang their morning song and the little forest animals scampered around leafy floor. The sound of a horse suddenly came from a clearing in the trees and when Anna looked she saw a night racing towards her on his steed, she didn't think, she just ran. How could she have been so stupid as to disobey her mother and father, she had put herself in danger by going to this part of the forest. Anna raced through the forest but the night was at my heals, she had no idea what to do so she just kept running. It wasn't until a second horse and rider got in front of her that she really lost the fight, now the only option was resistance. Anna fell back onto the ground as the horse threatened to kick at her, she landed with a thud and a cry. 

"Good work your majesty, now what do we have here?" The night that had been chasing Anna said and she glared back at him. Anna heard his breath catch in his throat and he mumbled  something that sounded like the word impossible. The night stared down at her, then Anna noticed that this man wasn't a night at all, he was a sheriff. Now Anna was breathing heavily because if this was the sheriff then he knew her mother, and she knew he could see her mother's face in hers. Suddenly one of the horses whinnied and nuzzled Anna's neck, her breath smelt like hay and roses. "your highness, I suggest we take her back to your father, I think she night have some information he would be interested in." The sheriff said as he climbed off the horse. Anna glared at the prince as he observed her, finally he nodded. The sheriff hauled Anna up and dragged he along with him. 

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