Poems for the Aching Heart

She loves him so much but he hurt her too many times.


10. My Thoughts

Dear James,

i listen to him speak and my eyes swell with tears. why did he leave me? how could he do this to me? I love him so much and i still do. 

his name brings me to tears

his voice brings me to tears

his eyes, a gleaming ocean blue makes me cry a million tears

his lips, just a glimpse of them makes me beg for them to be pressed to mine. is arms cause me to reach for an embrace that's nonexistent. I want to tell him how much i love him but does he even care to know? Maybe he already does know and that's why he sends me those alluring smiles from across the room. the kind of smile that makes your heart beat for a thousand miles.

What if he feels the same love that i feel for him? But what if that love he feels isn't directed towards me? What if its for Her? 

Knowing he is no longer mine makes me want to cry. seeing him with Her feels like it should be a crime. I want him back, i really do. this isnt fair. how am i to compete with her? That hour glass figure, That perfect smile... I look like god made me with his left had! 

so here's my thoughts written down in book. i hope he will never find this because i truthfully wrote this for myself, my eyes only. damn if he sees this ill be even worse than lonely.

Love Forever and Always,

Kaylynn A. Z.

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