Poems for the Aching Heart

She loves him so much but he hurt her too many times.


9. If My Heart Stops Beating

If my heart stops beating, i might not even know

Just hold me close and don't ever let me go

By just doing that my heart will beat yet again

because you truthfully are the very best boyfriend

If i suddenly stop breathing and i don't say a word

Just kiss me on the lips and tell me I'm your world

I'll give you a smile and kiss you right back

because i love you and that's a fact

If i ever die and my body is no longer warm

Just run to me and swoop me into your arms

I'll turn around and come to life in your embrace

Because you're the one who brings light to my face

If i start to cry and tears flow from my eyes

Just tell me you love me and give me all the reasons why


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