The Seal

My Mum once gave me a page or two of random words to put into a story hope yopu enjoy reading and commenting on it!! :)


3. The blue lighthouse.

She darted between snow mounds, jumped  over ice blocks, swam to an island and looked about. She saw a blue light shadowing her and followed it. 

Cautiously she pushed open a creaky door and slithered up 104 stairs silently. She saw a door that was rusting and her sense of adventure sank. Slowly she shoved the box of rust open and saw a old polar bear seated at a table. She knew she should never talk to strangers especially after what had happened when Goldilox spoke to the 3 bears, (Book 2!) but this one looked kind and gentle and had loving eyes.

"Excuse me." Whispered Honey,

"Yes child" Came the reply.

"I saw a s,s,sign that had said come here for eternal life."

"Well, I can't give it to you, because you have to choose it yourself"  

"Oh," sighed Honey "I never relised it was that complicated."

"OH, but its not." Butted in the old Polar Bear. "All you have to do is ask the Lord Jesus into your heart and then He will be your guide and Saviour. Lets ask him now, shall we?"     

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