The Seal

My Mum once gave me a page or two of random words to put into a story hope yopu enjoy reading and commenting on it!! :)


2. Slippers, Broccoli & Co

''We need to go shopping today my sweet little Piranah!''

Shouted Honey's mother loudly (In fact China would have probably heard it!)

''Ok but not for ever; and absuletly NO  window shopping''

Replied Dad irritably.

Dad sighed, he knew what this meant: no more fishing - Disaster!


Moments later they were all whizzing down the COLD 23 (!) on the new make of iceburg: an Icy Sharans (Limted edition to be exact!) or as Honey called them: Cool boxes.

Eventually they arrived at Slippers, Broccolli & Co. It was a shop that sold: Slippers, Vegetables, Fake green Grass and Books! (So it should have been called the random shop really.)   

Anyway, they were slipping down the isles and sliding back up them again to chose which slippers to buy, when Honey noticed a sign. It said If you want to live for eternity the go to the blue lighthouse. She wondered what all this was about and if it was really worth going to the blue lighthouse. She plucked up her courage and decided to go on an adventure.

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