Beautiful, Sorrowful Remembrance (a One Direction fanfiction) -COMPLETE-

When 17 year old bestfriends Ellie Foster and Morgan Karr get Ellie's dads house to themselves for the summer, they expect it to be a summer just about them.
Soon, an unexpected visitor- or vistors- show up at her door.
Kisses are given, secrets are shared, hearts are broken, and friendships could be forever ruined.

Louis starts to move in on Ellie, while Liam lays back, wishing it was him.
Harry and Morgan obviously enjoy eachother, but is that enough to keep Zayn away?
And is there enough food in the house to hold Niall over? Or will he go completely bonkers?

Find out in Beautiful, Sorrowful Remembrance (a One Direction fanfiction) !

PS- the Niall part is a joke XD

(yes, I just created PG-15)


2. Train Rides and Rain

Ellie's POV

By the time we arrived in London, it was raining already. I looked at my watch. Just about 11:45am, which meant we were on good time. I grabbed Morgan's hand and ran towards the street. I flagged down a cab, told him the address and we were off to my dads house.

Appearently, I fell asleep in the cab because I awoke, startled, to Morgan punching me. "We're here!" She said. The driver helped up with our laguage, which we didn't even ask him to do. I guess London cab drivers are nice people. I paid him, adding a 20 dollar tip. He gave me a smile and drove away. We went up to our rooms, Morgan in the guest room at the end of a very long hallway, and myself in my old room at the other end of the hall. I decided to nap, instantly feeling tired as I saw the big, fluffy, king sized bed. I put my luggage off to the side and jumped into bed, texting Morgan and telling her I was going to get some sleep. She texted back a simple "k" and that was that. I fell asleep to "Moments" by One Direction, on repeat, and the sound of the pouring rain.


Morgan's POV

We got into Ellie's dads house around 12:15pm. It was HUGE. I wonder how much it costs.. ah whatever. I went into the guest room, which was bigger than I imagined. I put my bags in the corner, then lied down on the king bed and flipped on the 48' inch flatscreen T.V. that was mounted on the fall directly in front of me. Text from Ellie. Wow, she can't just walk to my room? I laughed and texted back "k". I'm not known for long texts. I scrolled through through the channels- let me tell you, there were alot- while softly singing "One Thing" by 1D. I wasn't obsessed with them like Ellie was, but I guess I liked them alot. Eventually I found a good movie and snuggled down under the fluffy purple comforter, which was light and feathery but kept me super duper warm, espicially with the storm raging on outside.




Sorry for such a crappy chapter. I got my braces on today and I'm not in the best of moods<3


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