Beautiful, Sorrowful Remembrance (a One Direction fanfiction) -COMPLETE-

When 17 year old bestfriends Ellie Foster and Morgan Karr get Ellie's dads house to themselves for the summer, they expect it to be a summer just about them.
Soon, an unexpected visitor- or vistors- show up at her door.
Kisses are given, secrets are shared, hearts are broken, and friendships could be forever ruined.

Louis starts to move in on Ellie, while Liam lays back, wishing it was him.
Harry and Morgan obviously enjoy eachother, but is that enough to keep Zayn away?
And is there enough food in the house to hold Niall over? Or will he go completely bonkers?

Find out in Beautiful, Sorrowful Remembrance (a One Direction fanfiction) !

PS- the Niall part is a joke XD

(yes, I just created PG-15)


11. Perfect.. kinda


It had been over two months since Morgan and Ellie had met the boys.




"I say we go out tonight." Niall say, laying on his back and staring up at the ceiling. "I'm down. I feel like getting smashed." Morgan replied. "Morgy!" Ellie gasped, head snapping up from Louis' lap. Morgan shrugged and held her hands up in defense. "Well it's true." Harry and Zayn nodded. Liam shrugged, "I guess." Louis looked down at Ellie. "You in?" Ellie thought for a moment. "Why not." The boys let out cheers. "Lets go get ready!" Morgan jumped up, grabbing Ellie's hand and pulling her up the stairs. She went into her room, Ellie following. Morgan closed the door behind her and locked it. Ellie scanned the room. Morgan's clothes from yesterday were thrown about. She saw a jumper that definantly was not Morgan's. She saw boxers and guy's jeans. "Morg..? Why are Harry's clothes from yesterday all over..?" She saw Morgan blush softly. "NO. YOU DIDN'T!" Ellie gasped, jumping up and down. "You and Harry did it!?" Morgan let out a loud "shhhhhh!". "Yes, we did. Not like you and Louis haven't." She joked. "ACTUALLY, we haven't. We've kissed and that's it." Morgan turned to her. "WAIT WAIT WAIT. So you're telling me you sleep in the same bed every night since he's been here and you've never had sex!?" Her mouth gaped. Ellie shrugged. "It's never come up.. I can't just be like "Oh hey Louis lets go have sex hahaha." No! You have to give me time!"

"Weeeeell you're taking forever. It's so annoying. You two are always lovey dovey and I want you two together already!"

"I'm sorry!" She rolled her eyes, unlocked the door and left, slamming the door behind her. Ellie went into her room, and slammed the door.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. "Go away!" Ellie yelled, throwing her hairbrush at the door. Liam opened the door and stood there. "Please can I come in?" He asked with a puppy dog face. Ellie sighed with a hint of annoyance. "Fine. Whatever." She continued throwing clothes out of her closet. "What are you doing?" Liam asked, closing the door and sitting on her bed. "Looking for clothes to wear tonight!" She half shouted. "Ellie.. are you okay?"

"Fine!" Ellie said, whipping a hanger at the wall.

"Doesn't seem that way. What happened?"

"Morgan's a bitch!"

"What'd she do?"

"She says Louis and I are taking it too slow! I'm sorry I like to do things differently! Just because she and Harry have already had sex doesn't mean me and Louis have to!  God shes such a bitch!" She yelled, slamming the closet door closed.

"Ellie.. don't listen to her. Harry likes to rush into things. So does Morgan. You and Lou are taking it slow, and that's fine." He said gently. He had gotten over Ellie, because he knew how much her and Louis liked eachother.

"Well she needs to mind her own fucking business!" She said, taking off her tanktop and slipping on a white cami, and an off white baggy shirt with a rainbow on it. "Just because we're bestfriends doesn't mean we have to do everything together!" Ellie took off her shorts and put on a pair of yellow skinny jeans. Sometimes she thought that Liam understood her better than Morgan, and she trusted him with everything. "It's so aggrivating!" She squatted down with her head in her hands, holding in sobs.

Liam sat down next to her. "It's okay. It's gonna be okay." He murmured, pulling her into his lap. Ellie sobbed into his shoulder, and frankly, she didn't know what about. "Come on.. we're gonna have fun tonight." She nodded and got up, fixing her hair and makeup. She slipped on a pair of blue converse and put her phone in her pocket. Ellie and Liam walked down the stairs. "Morgan's not going. She says she doesn't feel well." Harry informed her. "Whatever." Ellie sighed. "Lets gooooooooo!" Niall yowled, running out the door. She laughed and took Liams hand in hers. "Thanks for your help." She whispered, kissing his cheek. "You're welcome, El. Now go catch up with Louis." Liam smiled, gently pushed her towards Louis. Louis grabbed her hand and swung it back and forth in his. They piled into the car and drove to one of the local pubs.

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