Beautiful, Sorrowful Remembrance (a One Direction fanfiction) -COMPLETE-

When 17 year old bestfriends Ellie Foster and Morgan Karr get Ellie's dads house to themselves for the summer, they expect it to be a summer just about them.
Soon, an unexpected visitor- or vistors- show up at her door.
Kisses are given, secrets are shared, hearts are broken, and friendships could be forever ruined.

Louis starts to move in on Ellie, while Liam lays back, wishing it was him.
Harry and Morgan obviously enjoy eachother, but is that enough to keep Zayn away?
And is there enough food in the house to hold Niall over? Or will he go completely bonkers?

Find out in Beautiful, Sorrowful Remembrance (a One Direction fanfiction) !

PS- the Niall part is a joke XD

(yes, I just created PG-15)


10. It's Nothing

Ellie woke up quietly, and looked around the room. It was the middle of night, and Louis was holding her in his arms. She looked down at her shorts, which has moved from their original position from sleeping. She looked down at her legs,covered in small pink scars, some long than others. Ellie traced them, humming softly. On the outside of her wrist, were a couple of fresh cuts, maybe a week or so old. No one seemed to notice them. Louis opened his eyes quietly and watched her trace the scars on her leg. Every now and then, she would look at her wrist. He finally noticed the cuts and his mouth gaped a little. "Ell.. what are those?" He murmured, startling her. Ellie pulled her shorts over the scars and shot her arm under the blanket. "Oh, it's nothing. Don't worry about it." She smiled, laying on his chest. Louis sighed softly, "Okay." Then smiled down at her, kissing her a few times, the last longer than any kiss they had shared before. Ellie bit her lip and stared at him. Louis smiled and pulled her back against him. They both fell back asleep.


-In Morgan's Room-


Morgan and Harry were lying in the bed, facing eachother and whispering. "Ellie is such a hippocrite." She giggled. "She tells us not to have too much fun when shes doing who-knows-what with Louis." Harry raised his eyebrows. "Louis' in Ellie's room? I thought he was with Zayn?" He asked. Morgan shook her head. "I had just come out of the bathroom when I saw him slip into her room and close the door." She raised her eyebrows up and down a few times, then softly giggled. Harry smirked. "I wonder what they're doing." Morgan smirked back. "Who knows."



OOC- Sorry for such a short chapter.. I've been uber busy with school!

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