Beautiful, Sorrowful Remembrance (a One Direction fanfiction) -COMPLETE-

When 17 year old bestfriends Ellie Foster and Morgan Karr get Ellie's dads house to themselves for the summer, they expect it to be a summer just about them.
Soon, an unexpected visitor- or vistors- show up at her door.
Kisses are given, secrets are shared, hearts are broken, and friendships could be forever ruined.

Louis starts to move in on Ellie, while Liam lays back, wishing it was him.
Harry and Morgan obviously enjoy eachother, but is that enough to keep Zayn away?
And is there enough food in the house to hold Niall over? Or will he go completely bonkers?

Find out in Beautiful, Sorrowful Remembrance (a One Direction fanfiction) !

PS- the Niall part is a joke XD

(yes, I just created PG-15)


5. Intruder in the Night

Ellie turned onto her side, now facing the door. She was fast asleep. It was about three in the morning. Her eyes fluttered a little bit to the sound of a creaking on her floor. As her eyes opened halfway, she noticed a mans figure. Her eyes closed again til she realized it. Ellie pretended to be asleep and rolled over. Once her back was facing him, her eyes shot wide open. She heard him move, like he was walking around to her. There was no turning anymore- he'd know something was up. She gently closed her eyes and relaxed herself. A few minutes later, after she thought he was gone, she opened her eyes. About a foot and a half infront of her face, was his face. Ellie shot up, hands covering her mouth. She turned towards the door and was about to jump when she felt arms secure around her waist and pull her back. She couldn't scream, for she was so scared. Ellie was pulled against his chest as he... hugged her? She looked up at the intruder to see.. Louis. "Louis! What the fuck!" She said in a loud whisper. "I'm lonely." Louis said, snuggling his face into her hair. "You almost gave me a heart attack!" She hissed. "I'm sorry, babe." He murmured, turning her towards him so he could hug her normally. Ellie looked around, feeling awkward. Louis was wearing nothing but boxers, and she could feel his perfectly toned abs through her thin t-shirt. He picked her up, and Ellie put her legs around his waist to keep from falling. "I didn't mean to scare you, Ellie. I'm just lonely and scared. Hazza is downstairs so I can't cuddle with him. Liam would be mad if I woke him up. And Morgan scares me, I dunno why." His voice was soft and soothing. Ellie sighed. "It's okay." She was now hugging him back, because she was scared.. and maybe because she liked his abs. She slowly began to fall asleep in his arms, as Louis was humming softly and rocking her back and forth. "Can I sleep in your bed with you?" He murmured. Ellie nodded weakly and let out a soft 'mhm'. Louis climbed into bed, still holding Ellie. He layed her down on the other side, but she rolled back over to him. "Don't let go." She murmured, snuggling into his chest. He happily wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her closer. Ellie didn't know why, but with Louis everything felt goood- even though she has just met him a few hours ago, she was laying in a bed with him, and he had nothing but boxers on. But frankly, she didn't care.

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