Beautiful, Sorrowful Remembrance (a One Direction fanfiction) -COMPLETE-

When 17 year old bestfriends Ellie Foster and Morgan Karr get Ellie's dads house to themselves for the summer, they expect it to be a summer just about them.
Soon, an unexpected visitor- or vistors- show up at her door.
Kisses are given, secrets are shared, hearts are broken, and friendships could be forever ruined.

Louis starts to move in on Ellie, while Liam lays back, wishing it was him.
Harry and Morgan obviously enjoy eachother, but is that enough to keep Zayn away?
And is there enough food in the house to hold Niall over? Or will he go completely bonkers?

Find out in Beautiful, Sorrowful Remembrance (a One Direction fanfiction) !

PS- the Niall part is a joke XD

(yes, I just created PG-15)


17. Here Comes Goodbye


Harry sat on a chair, Morgan asleep on his lap. Zayn sat in the chair beside them. Niall was laying on one of those mini couches, occasionally wiping tears from his face. Louis had his head in his hands. Liam was staring blankly at the plain white hospital walls.

A doctor approached them. "Are you here for Ellie Foster?"

Harry nudged Morgan awake and she stared at the doctor, waiting for someone to speak.

"Yes sir." Liam finally replied, fearing the worst.

"I'm afraid she has passed away due to suicide by suffocation. You may go say your goodbyes." And with that, he left. All six of them were silent. Finally, a sob of despair escape Louis' mouth from beneath his hands, and everyone had tears pouring from their eyes. Liam stood up and walked towards her room. Harry followed him, carrying Morgan, who was crying uncontroably. Niall and Zayn were right behind them, heads down. Louis tagged behind, sobbing loudly into his hand.

Liam walked into her room. "Ellie.. babe.. I'm so sorry I let this happen..." He sniffled. "I love you Ellie.. I always have.. I always will.." He placed a quick kiss on her lips before Harry opened the door and set Morgan down.

Morgan began to wail as she collapsed at her friends bedside. "Ell.. I am so so so sorry.. I love you so much.." Was all she could get out before her sobs restrained her from speaking any longer. Niall and Zayn quietly said their goodbyes, then stepped into the hall to cry. Harry kissed Ellie's forehead and whispered, "Sleep tight, angel." He brushed a strand of red hair from her face then went to go comfort Morgan. Louis just stared at her. "Ellie.. I'm sorry.." His voice cracked. "I didn't mean for this to happen.. I know this is my fault.. please.. don't hate me.. go up to Heaven without hate.. please forgive me.." Louis swallowed a lump in his throat. "I love you Ellie."

And for a second, Louis swore he saw her, all golden and traslucent, taking the hand of a child, and smiling.

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