Tell Me One Thing

This is for the One Direction Fan Fiction Competition (:
16 year old Meygan Jones always had a hard life. Her parents dying from a crash crash when she was just 12 years old. All she has left is her little twin brothers, Dustin and Drake. She has always loved One Direction, and when she wins a day to spend with them, she's aloud to take her best friend Karley to meet them. Both there world's turn upside down and Meygan does things she never expected to do- Falling for someone, letting loose, breaking out of her shell. But, is it impossible to for Liam and Harry to fall for the same girl? Which will Meygan fall for? Will Karley end up with one of the boys? All these questions, can only be answered by reading this book ..


2. Seriously?!

When I got to school, I parked my bike and pulled off my head phones, shutting off my iPhone and running into the school before the bell rang. I went into homeroom, and sat down next to my best friend Karely. "Hi Mey." She whispered. I smiled. "Wassup Karels?" I asked. She looked excited. "Didn't you hear? There's a One Direction contest where you could win a day on the beach with them!" She said, showing my a magazine. "Seriously?!" I said, taking the mag from her. She nodded. "I entered, now you have to. All you have to do is write a letter to them, about yourself and why you like One Direction. They'll write back to you if you win. If you don't, they'll send the letter back." She whispered excitedly. I read the rules. "Seems pretty simple. I'll defiantly do this when I get home." I said. She nodded. The rest of the day went by in a blur. Before I knew it, I was home, some notebook paper on my computer desk. I stared at the paper blankly. I didn't know what to write. Was I seriously going to try? I love One Direction with all me heart. I knew I wouldn't win, but it was wroth a shot. I sighed and started writing.

Dear My Heros,

My name is Meygan, and I am 16 years old. I live with my 2 brothers, Dustin and Drake. My parents died in a car crash when I was 12 years old. You all are my inspirations. I love all your music and everything you do. Your music always helps me make it through hard times. I would really like this beach day just to get to know you all. I know I probably wont win but if you do take the time to read this, i'll be grateful forever. You guys are amazing.


      Meygan Jones

I sighed and put my letter into an envelope, ran it out to the mailbox, dropped it in and ran back inside. I couldn't wait to see what One Direction thought of it.

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