Tell Me One Thing

This is for the One Direction Fan Fiction Competition (:
16 year old Meygan Jones always had a hard life. Her parents dying from a crash crash when she was just 12 years old. All she has left is her little twin brothers, Dustin and Drake. She has always loved One Direction, and when she wins a day to spend with them, she's aloud to take her best friend Karley to meet them. Both there world's turn upside down and Meygan does things she never expected to do- Falling for someone, letting loose, breaking out of her shell. But, is it impossible to for Liam and Harry to fall for the same girl? Which will Meygan fall for? Will Karley end up with one of the boys? All these questions, can only be answered by reading this book ..


1. Just another day

I awoke, yawning and stretching. I sighed as I looked around my small room. It was just another day in L.A. I got out of bed and went into the bathroom, grabbing a towel from the hall closet as I walked to the bathroom. I turned on the shower, and stripped out of my Pj's. I stepped into the shower, the warm water felt so good against my skin. I finished my shower and stepped out, wrapping my towel around me. I walked back into my room, kissing my poster of One Direction as I walked by it. I looked in my closet for something to wear. It took me about 10 minutes, but I finally picked out a red and black flannel tee, a black tank top, ripped faded skinny jeans and my black Vans. I put on my clothes and took my brushed my long, blonde, letting it fall down my back in ringlets. I added a touch of foundation, some mascara and some light eye shadow to complement my blue eyes. I looked in my mirror and smiled at myself. I walked down the stairs to find my twin brothers, Dustin and Drake, eating their breakfast, Cap'n Crunch. "Morning Meygan!" Dustin yelled. He got up out of his chair, running to hug me tightly, Drake following him. "Morning turds," I said, smiling. I got out of their hug and went to pour myself some cereal. I sat down next to Drake, ruffling his brown hair. He looked up and smiled at me, his green eyes glowing. I loved my brothers, they meant the world to me. I loved them as much as I loved One Direction. I ate my cereal and kissed my brothers goodbye. I grabbed my pink backpack out of the hall closet and ran out the door, jumping on my bike and riding to school, listening to One Thing all the way.

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