Tell Me One Thing

This is for the One Direction Fan Fiction Competition (:
16 year old Meygan Jones always had a hard life. Her parents dying from a crash crash when she was just 12 years old. All she has left is her little twin brothers, Dustin and Drake. She has always loved One Direction, and when she wins a day to spend with them, she's aloud to take her best friend Karley to meet them. Both there world's turn upside down and Meygan does things she never expected to do- Falling for someone, letting loose, breaking out of her shell. But, is it impossible to for Liam and Harry to fall for the same girl? Which will Meygan fall for? Will Karley end up with one of the boys? All these questions, can only be answered by reading this book ..


3. I won!

*4 weeks later*

Liam's POV:

"Ni Ni ! C'mon! We gotta open these letters! NOW!" I called to Niall. He came out rubbing the back of his head. "Yes, daddy direction." He smirked. I sighed. I walked over to a table where the boys were sitting. About 20 bags of letters sat on the table. "Let's get started." I said. We tore at the letters. I came across one that didn't say "Dear One Direction." It said "Dear My Hero's." I read it. I smiled. This girl did have a hard life. She needed this trip. "Guys," I said. "Stop, I found it." Louis looked confused. "Found what? Carrots?" He yelled excitedly. I shook my head. "The winner, I found her." I said, handing Harry the letter, They all read it. Harry sighed. "I suppose." He said. I did a small fist pump, but not so they could see. I already liked this girl, she seemed sweet. After my break up with Danielle, I have been looking for a girl. Maybe she could be the one, if I got to know her. "I'll send her the winner letter right away." I said, stuffing the letter into an envelope and running out the the Studio mailbox. I put it in and closed it, excited to meet her.

Meygen's POV: 

"Meygen! There's a letter for you!" I heard Dustin yell from downstairs. "It says it's from One Direction-" I didn't hear the rest. I won? I thought. How? Did I actually? I ran downstairs, and got the letter. I opened it and it said:

Dear Meygan,

Congrats Love ! You've won a day with us! We thought you really deserved this. Please contact Liam or Harry at these numbers. (numbers, numbers, xD) We can't wait to meet you !

Lots of Love,

One Direction's own:

Liam James Payne

Harry Edward Styles

Niall James Horan

Zayn Javadd Malik 

Louis William Tomlinson 

Oh My Goodness ! I won ! I actually won ! I screamed. Screamed so loud that Dustin and Drake ran out the there room with baseball bats and foam swords. "What's going on!?" Drake yelled. "I won the One Direction contest! I get to meet them!" i screamed, jumping up and down, waving the letter in there faces. "Let me see," Drake said, reading the letter. "That's great sis!" Drake said, Dustin nodding in agreement. I couldn't believe it. "I have to text Karley!" I said, kissing them on the heads, and running up to my room. I plugged in my MP3 player and played One Direction, grabbed my iPhone and texting Karley. But not before I put Harry and Liam's numbers in my phone.



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