The Unforgettable Vacation

Sydney lives in Georgia and is going to visit her aunt in California. On her way something happens, and she meets someone she never thought she would fall in love with. Then something scary/mysterious happens. Will everything be okay??? Read and find out. This is a fanfic of love/romance/1D.


19. The First Search

Harry- Ever since I got up, we have been looking for Syd. I am in depression, and I have the concert tomorrow. The boys are helping, and her family is too. The water cops are checking to see I she drown or if she was taken. Cops are everywhere interrogating everyone. Louis comes up to me and pays me on the back, "It will be okay lad, we will find her even if it means moving the concert to later on." "I miss her! We can't just the concert Lou!" "The boys and I all talked to management, and they said they would make arrangements." "I feel so... so.... Awful!!!" "I know I would feel awful too if I was in your place." I start lookin again, and we still can't find her! Everyone is upset, but we search until dawn then sleep for about an hour. Then we look more still not having luck. I decide to take Karlie out to eat so I can talk to her. I wonder what happened to that girl? I haven't seen her.

Syd- I have been here for like three days almost. Cicly is here too, but she leaves a lot. I miss Harry. I miss Karlie. I miss everyone. I wonder if everyone is looking for me? I wish someone would find me.
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