The Unforgettable Vacation

Sydney lives in Georgia and is going to visit her aunt in California. On her way something happens, and she meets someone she never thought she would fall in love with. Then something scary/mysterious happens. Will everything be okay??? Read and find out. This is a fanfic of love/romance/1D.


20. The Arrest

Harry- we went to eat out at a Mexican restraunt. Karlie was more upset then me. I decided since the girl I talked to said not to talk and tell the cops, that I could tell Karlie. I told her, and she promised not to tell. I felt better, but I am still going to tell the cops somehow. When I get home I end up telling the cops anyway. When I do, they go and find her, and they arrest her. She says, "Harry Styles! You will regret this!" I will regret this? How? I mean they will question her until they are able to find Syd.

Cicly- I was at my house getting stuff together, and the next thing I know the cops are barging in. They arrest me, and I see Harry. "Harry Styles! You will regret this!" I yell. When I get to jail they give me the right to one phone call. I acted like I called my aunt, but I really called my cousin in Hawaii. I told him in code to go get her, and take her somewhere. He said okay, then he said he would come bail me out.
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