The Unforgettable Vacation

Sydney lives in Georgia and is going to visit her aunt in California. On her way something happens, and she meets someone she never thought she would fall in love with. Then something scary/mysterious happens. Will everything be okay??? Read and find out. This is a fanfic of love/romance/1D.


2. On the Road

                        We have been on the road for like three days, I mean we Have stayed at a hotel everynight, but other than that we only stopped for food/bathroom. I have no clue where we are at. My iPod has died and I can't find the car charger. Ughhh...... All I can do is watch the sky, hear brother complain, and listen to the radio. Well, at least I can listen to the radio. I turn up the music, and the guy on the radio was talking. "Before we put he next song on, let's have a trivia game. The sixth person to call is going to get a special prize!" Might as well call I mean it's worth a shot. " Alrighty, what is the name of the British-Irish boyband?" That's easy I know that because my friend, Karlie, is a BIG fan. (Dialing......) ''Hello" "Congrats! You are our sixth caller!" OMG! I can't believe this! "Cool!" I say. "Since you won you get the special price TWO VIP tickets to the One Direction!!!" This isn't to big of a deal to me, I am not a big fan really... "I need your address so I can send them to you, or you can come pick them up.'' "My address is 394 Maplewood Dr.'' "Alrighty, they will be there in 5 days." "Thanks, bye." I got it sent to my aunts house  so I won't have to worry. I think i'll call Karlie and invite her to come. Her parents wont care if she flies out.

                 I called her, and of course they said she could. She would never miss this. Well at least she would have fun. I mean I like them okay like I said though I am not a big fan. I like there music okay, but not big. It will be fun though that I will have someone now. My brother will not shut up."Who are you taking?" "When is it?" Ughhh...... I wish he would shut up! At least there are only four days left til we are there.

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