The Unforgettable Vacation

Sydney lives in Georgia and is going to visit her aunt in California. On her way something happens, and she meets someone she never thought she would fall in love with. Then something scary/mysterious happens. Will everything be okay??? Read and find out. This is a fanfic of love/romance/1D.


32. Hospital

H- We get the hospital, and we go start to the front. "Where is Sydney Jakly?" She looks up at us. She starts to freak out. Obviously she knows who we are. "Youre--" I cut her off "Yes we are 1D. I am in a hurry please tell me her room." "Okay hold please..." This makes me impatient. "Room 1456." We run to the room. I start to push the door open when someone pulls it closed. It was a nurse. "I need to see her!" I shout. "Sorry sir you will have to wait until you are allowed to go in." So we go and wait in the snack room.

I am so tired I fall asleep in the room. I think the other boys did too because when I woke up they were all fast asleep. I decided to slip out of the room and see of I could go in. I walked to the room, and I saw a nurse standing at the door. "When are we allowed to go in?" "Well you can now." I hug her and run into the room.

She looks very peaceful. The nurse walks in. "She is in a coma, it could be a while until she wakes." I don't know what to say. I thought she was asleep but I guess not. I don't cry but I do tear up. I am going to stay here until she wakes up.

S- I am somewhere I don't know. It's dark and cold. I see a light. It's really bright which attracts me towards it. I then see a dim light the other way. Which light should I take. Then I remember someone say, "Don't go towards the light!" It's trying to tell me go to death. No I can't, I must get back. I have to for my mom and brother. I must do it for Karlie. Really I must do it for Harry. I run towards the dim light. It's hard not to go towards the bright light. It seems to try to call my name.

H- I am laying next to her and she starts shaking. I jump up and run out of the room. I see the nurse, and I grab her arm and pull her to the room. She sees her moving to and goes to get the doctor. I grab Syds hand and try to che er her on. Then the doc comes in. "She is starting to come out of the coma."

S- I run as fast as I can now almost to the dim light. The bright light seems to be catching me. I hear a voice. Its Harry, he is calling for me. I am almost there. Then I flutter my eyes open and I see Harry. He is smiling at me. I smile back and hug him. "What did you do with out me?" I said. "Well I searched for you, and I still have to get back to my concert." he smirked. I am just glad you are back." "Me too." Then I ask about what happened and he explains everything. Then the boys come in and bring me get well things. They are so sweet. Then they all leave to let the doc come in.

H- I cheer her on while she tries to wake. Then her eyes flutter open. I smile and she smiles back. We talk for a bit. Man I missed her. It was just so upsetting not. The boys walk on and give presents and such to her. Then we have to leave. So we wait in the snack room again.
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