The Marauders

Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs.
I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

---Thank you J.K. Rowling for writing the Harry Potter Books!:D


10. Date? Date.

I cant believe him.

The candle-lit table lightens up the room, the smell of Lily's dye the surroundings but somehow, it's sweet and pure. James sits at the table, rethinking the words over in his head: "Lily, will you be so kind as to be my girlfriend". But still, the words don't add up. This is, of course, his first date so what must one expect? The time ticks on, and yet no partner in sight.

The clock hits 11pm, and the door opens wide. From first sight, you'd think a fairy had entered the room. Pure, red hair and glistening green eyes. The type of eyes that you just cant let slip away. Her nimble body waits before sitting down. "I hope this is no trouble?" She giggles, looking down at her lap. James shakes his head, and begins to pour the wine which he'd smuggled from Hagrid, a sigh of relief leaves his body. 

The night goes on, and James and Lily enjoy the little food James could supply. But the food doesn't matter, but the moment, the pure atmosphere and the feeling that lingers around them. But the time still carries on, as James wishes for this moment to stay forever. "L-Lily?" He stutters, she looks up: looking him directly in the eyes. "W-Will you, you know, be my girlfriend?" She begins to giggle, James' eyes widen in shock before grabbing her hand. "I-Uh, i mean, if I'm putting you under too much pressure, I totally understand. I'm cool with that... you probably don't even like me" He chuckles. "I mean, the way you look at, uh, Severus... you must like him instead. It's alright, I understand". The chuckles and giggles stop, Lily grabs his nose and pulls him closer. "Give me a chance!" She whispers, before kissing him on the head. 

"I'll give you an answer, by noon on Tuesday. Meet you outside of Hagrids?" She asks, smiling at the window. James nods his head and looks at the window too. Enjoying the last moments before they must both part their ways.

"I, uh, I think you look wonderful right now. I-in this light" James smiles.

"Thanks" she giggles in reply.


The clock hits 1am, they leave for their dorms. Hugging before they go, into the darkness. But, for some strange reason, James doesn't feel alone. Someone is in the darkness with him, and it's not Lily...



AUTHORS NOTE: I am so so SO sorry for not updating. I havent been on Movellas for an awful long time and lost hope in my writing as I believed that not many people liked it. But here's another chapter. I cant promise another chapter soon as I'm practising for my GCSE's. However, if there is a chapter up soon... then I hope you enjoy it :)

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