Best Movellas, Best authors, and Best songs

Its not really about humour, but I didn't know what category to put it under, if I put it under "other" nobody would look at it so....

Every time I can, I will add a new chapter to this. One chapter will consist of one of my favourite Movellas, also the best author, and songs that are in fashion at the moment. Hope ya like!


3. 3rd chappy chapter

Best Movella

I was really excited when it showed that there was two new emails from Movellas saying that my favourite Movella today had two new chapters. This Movella is.... xxxMaryEllenxxx's awesome Took a minute boy, to steal my heart tonight.

Here is the resume:

Resumé When you're best friends with someone you expect them to be in your life forever, but when your best friend Niall becomes famous overnight will he still be the same person you loved or will he change? Summer romance, some parts are sweet, some parts are not sweet. Sorry, I suck at resumes... I know in the title I changed it from girl to boy but only for it to make sense.

Took a minute boy, to steal my heart tonight. has 159 comments, 80 likes (including mine), 2028 views, 113 people have favourited it, and xxxMaryEllenxxx has 34 well-deserved fans.

I hope you luuuuurve it.


Best Author

I have been crazing about Peace & Donuts lately. Her best Movella has to be Don't Change. Check it out!

Here is a bit about Peace & Donuts:

Heya guys, if you don't know me here goes!!! I have light brown hair (that's permanently demented lol), I can speak Chinese and I love Mario Kart!! World peace wold be lovely and donuts are sooo yummy :D That's probably all you need to know... Actually, something else you need to know - Fifi xx is my bestie & she is awesome!!!!

Peace & Donuts has 84 fans. Wow!


Awesomest Song of the day

I luuurve the song: Black Heart by Stooshe. Here is the link:


Over and out (for now x)

♥lovin the hearts♥


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