Falling from Cloud 9

It's tragic when a child is born into the world, but then dies either instantly or a few hours/days/years later. 17 year old Alex, died when she was 5, after a car accident. Now she's being punished for something she didn't cause. The punishment... being sent back to earth. Her parents moved to Cardiff a few years later, so she has no where to go, until Jamie invites her to stay with him. Suddenly, Alex falls in love with him, but he can't be with her... their lives couldn't be any different.


2. How I died and the punishment I got

'Alex... wake up sweetheart... we're home.' I heard a soft voice, as I opened my eyes I saw a woman's face infront of me, smiling. I smiled at her.


'Hello sweetie, you were asleep for a long time.' I smiled as she got out the car and opened my door.

'Come on.' I smiled at my mother, before she screamed. I turned and saw a van, steering out of control... it crashed into me... I had trouble breathing... my mother screaming at me to stay...

'Say to Daddy... that I will... always... come....hom..............' Eyes closed... darkness..... Silence. I opened my eyes again and saw my mother screaming at the driver, who was shouting back at her. Suddenly I ran to him....

'STOP SHOUTING AT MY MUMMY!!!' and pushed him. My arms went through him. I kept pushing him, my arms not doing well to knock him over. Then a light shone infront of his belly. I looked into it, before a man, dressed like an angel, stepped out of the light. He had wings, about 5 ft long and 7 ft high, folded behind him.

'What is your name, darling?' He said, holding a hand out to me.

'Alex....' He smiled.

'Do you know why you can't push him over?' I shook my head.

'You're not physical anymore.' I looked blankly at him.

'You can't see your mum and dad anymore.' My eyes widened. Mother had said the same thing when Grandma died.

'NO! NO, I WILL, I'LL LIVE!' He shook his head.

'You can't Alex. You have to come with me.' I looked back at my mother, who was holding my hand crying and screaming. I looked back at the angel.

'Before I go with you... what's your name?'


'Nice name.' I took his hand and walked with him........


I gasped, and bolted up, panting heavily. I looked around, trying to get my breath undercontrol. I sighed, and brushed my messed wings into tidy, comfortable, folded things. Not a nightmare, I thought getting up and walking to my closet. I picked a white, floaty dress studded with fake jewels at the sleeves and hem. I grabbed my white ballet pumps and reached for the door, before a cough stopped me.

'You just gonna leave with hair like that?' I turned to Haywill, as he sat on my bed stroking my bear I had whilest on mortal earth. I walked over to the dresser and plonked down onto the stool. I reached for the brush, but it was snatched by another hand, as it started brushing my ginger hair.

'Will, you stop Haywill?' He grinned.

'Stop what?' I glared at him, but smiled at the same time.

'Make noise when you move.' He smiled as he brushed my hair. He placed it down and took my hand.

'Angel Gaurdians don't make a sound whilest moving. Come on. To school Miss Alex.'

'Okay, Headmaster.' I giggled. I closed my door and ran to the front door. I opened it and Haywill was standing at the edge of the garden. I smiled and ran towards him, my shoes vanishing through the cloud we lived on. I jumped, my wings unfolded and pushed down, lifting me into the air. I sighed as the cool morning air hit my warm body. Haywill next to me was floating, almost, trying to beat me to school. I saw it looming infront of us, I saw my chance. I flapped my wings, faster and faster, until I touched the cloud. I punched my arms into the air annd turned to see Haywill, smiling as he landed.

'Well done. Now go see your friends.' I nodded, a walked off, a huge smile on my face. I couldn't wait to see my friends after three months. I had been off ill and had to lie in a bed, motionless. It's was like being in a coma.

'ALEX!' I turned around and saw my friends. Bealfire, Element and Kostal. They ran to me, and I did too. Element jumped making me fall over. We landed in a heap laughing. He smiled at me, and I did too.

'If the love-birds are done...' Bealfire said laughing. I smiled at Bealfire and Kostal, pushing Element off. Being seventeen has flaws eh? But Kostal died at ten when her house caught fire, Bealfire was drown at eleven when his bullies threw him a deep river and Element died at birth before he was named. Sad eh? But we're all seventeen and all in the same classes, so we made friends quickly. We wandered off towards the school, laughing away and talking about the gossip around school. Well, informing me on the gossip. We opened the door and a burst of welcomes hit me in the face. Gifts, hugs, kisses on cheeks all the works. The others drove me away from the crowds. We walked through corridors laughing at some of the gifts. Some were bubble blowers or shoes that were too small or too big, but they were kind gifts. Suddenly a hand grabbed a bag, containing all my gifts, and threw it into the air.

'Ha, look who's back.' A voice screeched above us. A few laughs were heard, before I glimpsed up. Tashni smiled from above, her wings beating slowly. She screeched with laughter before landing and walking off. Her friends following, laughing away with her. I sighed.

'Just ignore her. She was in the gossip about her break-up with Tamsin, then when everyone heard you were coming back she was thrown from the gossip circle. She's hated you for it.' Kostal said, glaring towards the way Tashni left. I smiled at her and thanked the others for helping me pick my stuff up. Then a huge roar came from the other side of the building. Element grabbed my arm and ran with me. Kostal and Bealfire ran fter us, shouting at me not to turn around. I ran, Element pulling me along. We burst into the main hall, everyone looking our way.

'MOVE, TO THE REGISTRATION GROUPS! IT'S ESCAPED!' Kostal screamed, running in after us. Everyone calmly left going into their groups and waiting for teachers. Once in mine and Element's group, I asked what it was. He explained that whilest I was out Haywill had been sent to the Mortal world. He needed to capture this beast set free by Hell. Well, Vampires anyway. He brung it to this world and asked the Elders what to do, and they said lock it up here. Not a good idea.Then a voice screeched above the shouting.

'HEADMASTER! I KNOW WHO SET IT FREE!' Then Haywill and Tashni walked our way. Tashni pointed towards me and Element and said

'There, she done it.' She wasn't talking about Element. She meant me!


'HAYWILL, SHE DIDN'T KNOW!' Kostal shouted to him, his glare sent straight to me.

'Kostal, the evidence I have points straight to her. I'm sorry but Alex has to go to the Elders and get a punishment.'

'Of what... a beating?' I asked staring to cry. He looked glumly at me.

'Alex, I'm sorry but...'

'Don't. I better go to the Elders.' I said leaving the room, tears spilling down my cheeks. Of course nobody believed I done it, but Tashni was brilliant at lying. I opened the door before being grabbed and spun round. Element looked into my eyes. I opened my mouth to tell him to leave me, but he stopped me by placing his lips on mine. I was shocked at first, but then I kissed him back, wanting him to be with him. He let go of my mouth and sighed. He mouthed something, I didn't get, before I was rushed away from him. Suddenly the Elders sat before me, looking sternly at me. The Oldest, Mont, said as because of my actions, I must be punished in a way that will show me that I am not powerful. They murmured for at least five minutes before they looked back at me.

'Your punishment is to be sent back to the Mortal world.' Mont stepped from his poduiam* and walked towards me. I widened my eyes.

'I can't! I don't belong there. You'll muck up the way the Mortal world works!'

'It is your punishment! Don't object!' Mont was at me now. He touched my right shoulder, and my wings unfurled. Then he gave me a gentle push and I started to fall. I tried to get my wings to work but that wouldn't.


So, I'm falling...

From the sky, from Heaven...

heading to Earth...


"I don't want to go back..."


"I don't belong there anymore..."


"I'm dead, I was killed, I have to...go...back"


My eyes closed as I hit the last set of clouds. My voice was gone, I couldn't scream to them. I almost hit the ground, but a pair of strong arms caught me and lowered me to the ground. I opened my eyes a little, so I saw black hair, a pale face and a smile, before I closed my eyes again. I was saved.


I opened my eyes again, after a while, and looked around. I was in... London? I was...home.


*NOTICE TO READERS!: The word with star is pronouced POD-U-AM. Like a Podium but it floats.
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