Saved Me

first time writing a fanfic , no hate please !


1. How it began..

*SOPHIAS P.O.V*  I was only 13... I was walking home from a party late at night, because I couldn't get a ride home. I could take the short way home, or the long way. I really didn't feel like walking for 45 minutes, so I went the short way. The only thing is, it's really creepy down this rode. As I walked in the moonlight, I heard a twig snap. I jumped in fear. "deep breaths, deep breaths. it's probably just a bunny", I said to myself softly. As I kept walking, I couldn't help feeling that someone was watching me. SNAP! There went another twig. I could hear the thumping of my heart. BOOM BOOM! BOOM BOOM! All of a sudden, I felt someone grab me. I could feel their slow cautious breaths as they dragged me into the wilderness. I heard an unfamiliar shriek, and then realized it came out of my mouth. The man was wearing all black, but didn't bother hiding his face. Suddenly, he yanked off my shirt to reveal my new Victorias Secret bra. Then next he ripped off my pants. I couldn't take it. I could hear my whimpers, but doubted anyone else could. I looked down and I was shaking like a leaf. "HELP! SOMEONE! PLEASE", I sobbed miserably. The man just snickered to himself. He and I both knew, nobody would hear my cries for help. Suddenly I heard a noise, and another, and another. It sounded like someone was running through all the millions of leaves that are in the forest. The man started to panic. Before I knew what was happening, a excruciating pain went through my face. The man was hitting me, blaming me for whoever was coming. He threw a rock at my head and then things went blurry... I woke up to the sound of an angel singing. I looked around to try to figure out where I was, and who was singing so good. Then I saw him. He had brown, shiny chestnut hair, and he's eyes sparkled in such the cutest way. I couldn't help but get butterflies in my stomach. Then I remember what happened last night. What happened? "Oh you're up! Good morning beautiful!!", he really knew how to make a girl feel special. My whole face felt hot, and I just knew I was blushing. I looked down so he couldn't see how red I was, when I realized I was wearing an oversized shirt. "Hi," I smiled. "Um, who are you? Where am I? What happened last night?" The boy looked up, like he was thinking. "I'm Louis Tomlinson! You're in my bed. And last night... Well I was on my way home when I heard a terrible scream, so I got my cooking pot, and ran in as fast as I could. Right when I saw what was happening I hit the man in the head! I called the police and they took him to jail." Wow... This was a lot to take in. "Why did you have a pot?" I couldn't help but laugh. "I'm taking a cooking class!" Oh, well as much as I loved spending time with Louis, I had to get home! My mom was probably worried sick!! "I'm sorry to leave so soon, but Im afraid I'm going to need to go home. My moms probably going berserk!" He looked at me knowingly and nodded. "Oh and heres my number, if you ever want to chat." he handed me a piece of paper. He was my hero....
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