The A Team

Acelynne is struggling to make her life work in her apartment in London. She has moved away from all friends and family connections in America. She hates everybody and she feels as if she's better off alone.

She tries to make things better but it seems she can't land a job because she has no work experience in England. Find out what she does to keep her apartment and how all that hard work crashes down because she makes new friends.


2. More People?


It was only 8 at night but I decided to fall asleep anyway. Nothing much to do but play with fire anyway. 

I rip off my skinny jeans and take off my bra to where I'm falling asleep in my All Time Low shirt and black boy short style panties. I kept my hair down, the way I like it and brushed the major knots out. I didn't bother much more. I then brushed my teeth and wrapped myself in my duvet.

It took me an hour but I was finally close to my dreams when I heard a loud knock on the door scaring me awake.

I groan and roll out of bed. Without bothering to put my pants on I walk to the door. 

More knocks.  "I'm coming."

I have no friends an I highly doubt Ed would think of me ever again so who would be here? Every time I don't want to associate with people they end up wanting me. 

I open the door to see a worried looking Liam. 

"Something wrong?" I mutter. 

"Yes. I need your help!" he practically shouted. 

"With what?" I asked confused.

No one needs my help. I'm not even close to this guy. I complain about his loud music and I spoke to his friend a few times while smoking. That's the only connection to him I have an I don't even want that. No friends. No drama. No problem. 

"My friend, he's hurting." he explained.  From a heartache? Do you want me to have sex with him?

Liam doesn't know I'm a prostitute so that can't be it. 

"Okay where is he?" I asked. Maybe I could get him an ice pack?

"Here." A guy in curly hair rounded the corner arm slung around Zayn and a blonde. 

"Where's lou?" Liam asked. 

"Calling his mum for help." The blonde spoke in an Irish dialect just as curly here groaned and tried to crumble over but the two boys kept him steady. 

"Come in." I muttered not wanting to help a bit. I just want sleep.  "I  don't have a couch so will my bed do?"

Liam nodded as the two guys set him down on my wrinkled duvet. 

"It's just one big room!" Zayn exclaimed as if he thought I had bought the pent house instead, but we all know who that belonged to. 

"Yup. Small tv on the floor. A trunk as a coffee table. A bed on a stack of wood and a table lamp on the floor. The toilet and shower gets its own room though. The fridge and cub boards the only things to the left of the door. Pretty cozy. It's all I need really. Now how am I to help?"

"He has alcohol poisoning." Liam stated obviously not knowing what to do. 

I nodded. Why did they come to me? Couldn't they have googled it?

"Small closet." The blonde examined all casual as if his friend wasn't in pain. 

"It's all I need. Done wearing the clothes? Laundry day." I explained "All he needs is water. Lots of water to get the alcohol out of his system. He might puke a lot but that's natural." I grabbed my only cup and filled it from the tap.

I handed it to the guy and he quickly took it chugging it down and I went to fill it up again. It happened like this for about 20 cups of water and then he slurred out the words, "I ... Need tube.... Take a...... Pisssssssssssss!"

I helped him to the bathroom but realized once we got to the toilet, someone else is going to have to hold him up and it won't be me!

After I declared that, the three boys rushed in and the guy toppled down and started throwing up in my toilet. 

Ew. I did NOT sign up for this. These people are not my friends.  I marched out into the other room and a new boy has entered the building. 

"Now who are you?!" I shouted irritated.

How many of these boys are there? I know Liam's in a band but come on, them all being here at once was not necessary. 

"I'm Louis," he looked at my legs, "and you're not wearing pants."

And he was right. I am still in my undies. 

"He's puking in the bathroom." I stated.  As Louis ran to help his friend I quickly threw on pants. 

I walk back in the bathroom and he is starting to doze off on the floor.  "As disgusting as that is, that's a good sign. He'll have a major hangover tomorrow, and by the looks of it it wasn't alcohol poisoning. Some people mistake being wasted with that a lot. He was just gone." I explained still completely tired an irritated that people I don't know woke me up for this and now some dude is asleep on floor in my bathroom. 

"Now why did you ask me to help? I bet a bunch of other neighbors could have done just as fine or you could've googled it." I crossed my arms looking each of them in the eye individually. 

"Uh... Well. Liam said, well" Zayn started sputtering out scratching his head. 

"I don't know the other neighbors but you and even though you always complained to me Zayn said you were nice." Liam said so quickly I almost didn't catch it. 

I nodded wondering how Zayn thought I was nice when he'd always try to talk while smoking and I'd say one word things like 'yes' 'no' 'that's cool'  Not like we had a nice conversation. 

"Well he's asleep you can carry him upstairs now, and leave." I hinted that I really wanted them gone 

"Right!" Louis shouted but covered his mouth instantly because curly hair stured a little.  He gestured the others to help him. Zayn got his legs Louis got his arms and blondie held up his torso do it wasn't dipping hurting his back. 

Liam turned to me as the boys finally got their way out of the bathroom door now trying to go out the front. 

"Do you want to sleep up in our room? My couch isn't that bad, I fall asleep there a lot. "

"Why? Do you think I'm not comfortable here?" I motioned to my bed and trunk. 

"N-no, it's just if Harry wakes up in the middle of the night and needs help with something. You seem so calm in these situations." He explained all too rushed. 

He was right though. I'm very calm in these situations. Time by time I get an alcoholic as a customer and  theyre basically paying me to puke in my toilet. 

I shrugged although I didn't want to be around people. "Just know I sleep in a tee and underwear. Nothing else."

"Harry sleeps naked. We're used to it." 

"He's not a girl"

"I have a girlfriend it won't bother me."

"It will bother her."

"The other boys are staying over too, I think she'd Understand." 

I knew he wasnt going to take an excuse so I went to his apartment.  When I got there Harry was asleep in one of the rooms and the boys were watching tv.

2 bedrooms a working tv. Luxuries I would never have. 

"Harry woke a bit and I told him that if he needs help ask the half naked girl." Louis smiled 

I glared at him and Liam told me that he's just joking. 

It didn't stop me from correcting him, "Acelynne!"

"Okay, okay. I'll go tell him!" Louis put his hands up in surrender. 

Liam got me a pillow and duvet while Zayn and a blondie - who I later found out is named Niall - wanted to sleep on the floor.  

Louis said he'll sleep on the floor where Harry is and informed me that he told Harry my real name.

Liam went to his room and called it a night. Soon enough I heard Zayn's snores and Niall's breathing go even. I took that chance to quickly take off the jeans and get under the blanket.   

I woke up at 2 in the morning with someone slightly shaking me, Harry.  "Acey..." he muttered trying to get my full name out but he jut couldn't from being tired and hungover. 

"Harry?" I asked just to make sure.

"It's me. I woke up an hour ago and now I can't sleep."

"That's usual Harry. You'll fall asleep soon enough" I said my eyes squinting to see him

"But I also don't feel good my stomach..." he covered his mouth and ran to the bathroom.

Oh god.  I got up and went to the only room with a light on and there he was puking. Gross. 

I kneeled next to him and rubbed his back a little. When I had friends back in America, my best friend would do this for me and it always helped. 

He was in the middle of spills when he asked me to get toothpaste and a toothbrush out of his duffel bag. I obeyed and brought it to him. 

He was done puking when I came back and he immediately brushed his teeth. Not knowing what to do I stood there and watched. The white toothpaste blended into his white teeth.

It was then, when in good light, I notice how good looking he actually is. 

All of them were but before he looked terrible drunk.  He spit for the last time and rinsed his brush and mouth. 

"Thanks Acey." he continued to call me.

It wasnt as tired so I think he called me that on purpose.  I mentally smiled at that nickname, like when Ed called me Ace. 

"No problem."

"You're a good friend... Er-neighbor" he scrunched his eyebrows. 

"Like a good neighbor, Acelynne is there!" I whisper shouted and snapped my fingers. 

He laughed. "But I don't live near you. So you're a friend to me."

We both smiled and as if reading each others mind we started singing, "You've got a friend in me".  We laughed and he bit his lip and said, "You're cool. Maybe we can hang soon when I'm sober."

"That'd be nice." I nodded. 

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