Fluffy Unfinishes.

This is stuff that I haven't finished, and that I don't plan on finishing.
Or stuff that is so short, that I cba to make another movellas for it.
Or stuff that is so fluffy, I cba to carry it on.


Sure I can except that these are going nowhere, but for one last time let's go there?


2. Insomnia.


Feeling like giving up, had a tiring day,

Put on the music, the records to delay,

The inevitable tears.


It’s just the lightweight slurred voice,

The words that I don’t know the meaning to,

The candles dangerously swaying,


The guitar.

It fills up parts of me I didn’t know I had.


And I cry.


And the memories wash around my feet.

The burnt photographs sway to the beat,

The hurricane of paper.

All in the locked wooden cabin,

Watch me cry.

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