Stop Running, Cassie McHale.

Cassie McHale has a bad life. Her dad left her, her Mom is a drug addict and alcoholic, and her brother is in the juvenille center. But when a certain boy comes to her rescue. Her life is completely diffrent.


3. chapter 3

I stared at the bottle. I sat down next to Jamie and Damon. Jamie spun first. She landed on a guy named Liam. She kissed him while leaning over the bottle. Then Liam spun it and he pecked my lips. Then I spun it and guess landed on Damon.


I think not.

I looked at this brown eyes and kissed him passionately. His friends cheered. I smiled in the kiss and pulled back. He smiled and then we all went to the pool. Damon and his friends threw me into the pool. Damon jumped in after me. I felt him grab my hand.

At about 2:00 am, we all went through the woods and scared the pee out of ourselves. I went home to my house at about 4:00 am. Damon took me home. He walked me in. Before I could even say bye, my mom pulled my arm. "Where the hell have you been Massie!?" She yelled. "I'm CASSIE and I was at a party." I yelled back. Damon watched in fear. "You're only 15 why would you be partying until 4:00 am?!" she screamed. "I'M 17 FREAKING YEARS OLD MOM! YOU MISSED MY 15TH BIRTHDAY!" I screamed. She stood back stunned. "GO TO YOUR DAMN ROOM NOW!" She yelled. Damon grabbed my hand. "No. She can go with me." He said. "Who the hell are you?" she spat. the smell of her blue-raspberry alcohol lingered in the air. "I'm Damon." He said. I ran upstairs and got a t-shirt and shorts. I ran downstairs and went with Damon. My mom yelled from the driveway but eventually went back inside.

I was safe. for once...


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