Stop Running, Cassie McHale.

Cassie McHale has a bad life. Her dad left her, her Mom is a drug addict and alcoholic, and her brother is in the juvenille center. But when a certain boy comes to her rescue. Her life is completely diffrent.


2. chapter 2

I woke up at around 11. The part started at 2 so I needed to get a swimsuit. I drove to Wal-Mart and picked out a aqua blue swimsuit. I grabbed matching flipflops and drove back to Jamie's house. She grinned at my choice. "Ni-ice." she smiled. I went into the bathroom and looked at my curly black hair. I put on the swimsuit and looked at my flat stomach. I could really pull off blue. I put a LMFAO tanktop on and some ripped jeans. It was 1:30 already. I grabbed my phone and put it into my bag. I put it into Jamie car and we drove 30 minutes to a house. 'Rack City.' by Tyga played and I ran to the pool. Jamie followed in her green swimsuit. I pulled off my LMFAO top and ripped shorts and dove in.

Everyone howled and cheered at my dive. I kept seeing a boy witb blonde hair looking at me from the corner of my eye. Eventually i got out and my curly black hair turned into a inky black mess. I felt a tap on my shoulder, which made me jump. "Hi." the voice said. I turned around and saw that blonde boy. "Hi." i smiled. My green braces peeked through my lips. "i'm Damon." he smiled. "i'm Cassie." i said shyly. "well, Cassie, why dont you follow me." he grabbed my hand and put his fingers between mine. "Oooooh!" people yelled. Damon took me to a room where bunches of other boys and girls sat in a circle. Jamie sat next to a boy with brown hair while she tied her blonde curls into a ponytail. "Cassie!" she smiled. And thats when i noticed the bottle in the middle.
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