Stop Running, Cassie McHale.

Cassie McHale has a bad life. Her dad left her, her Mom is a drug addict and alcoholic, and her brother is in the juvenille center. But when a certain boy comes to her rescue. Her life is completely diffrent.


1. Chapter 1

I sat up in my room and watched Family Guy as my mom came home from the bar, drunk. I listened for her to come home with another man. Yep. It isn't Dave, it's some other guy. I tied my black hair into a braid and put on some jeans. I slipped on a t-shirt with MYRTLE BEACH written on it in tye-dye. I put on a sweatshirt and my furry boots and listened. Mom hasn't heard me. I put on my beanie and opened my window. I gently lifted my backpack onto my back and climbed onto my roof. I tied a rope to a knob and threw it over the roof. I grabebd my gloves and put them on to protect my hands from snow and rope-burn. Mom was drunk, and I smelled drugs. I slid down the rope and landed on my feet. "Damn!" I whispered. I walked to my car and got in it. I rode to Jamie's house and knocked on her door. "Hey, can I stay with you?" I asked. "Sure! Come in." She said. We talk alot. She knows about mom, and I stay in her apartment often. "Tomorrow, we are going to a party." She said. "Oka-ay." I said. "It's a swim party and boys will be there." She said with a wink. She helped me set up the couch and I sat next to her. "Thank you." I said. "You're welcome." She hugged me and I hugged her back. "It will be alright." She whispered. I smiled and took off my boots. She smiled. "I'm going to bed!" She yelled. "Okay. Night." I said. "Night!" She yelled. She flicked off the light and I turned off the lamp and went to sleep.

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