Chloe's life used to be normal, that is, until she turned 17. Suddenly everything seemed sharper. She grew stronger, faster, and smarter. Of course she thought this was all about hormones, about growing up. But when she learns the deadly truth behind her past, all she can do is run from those out to get her. She thought she can do it, thought that she can someday break free, but when she runs into the all famous band member, Zayn Malik.... Can she ever truly let go. This is a story of action seeking romance and unbearable twists in a young girls life and how every thing can become okay after looking so bleak.


1. The Beginning

"You can't do this!" I yell in his face. His unforgiving gray eyes bore into me. I press on. "Please,we made a deal! You can't just do this to her!" As much as I try to keep my composure, I can't. This is just to much. They are taking my daughter away from me. His dry lips smile with no emotion while standing in authority, "Oh, but there you are wrong, sir." His raspy voice fills the white room. "You failed, you failed your mission, sir. That was our contract. You fail, we get thr girl. Any agent as great as you were would know this. Besides, it's to late. She has already been changed." My heart drops. and i feel myself breaking inside. I push my glasses up and lean on my desk. "Why? Why have you done this? She isn't a science experiment. She's only three years old." My voice has gone flat in defeat and shame. "Sure she isn't, sir. It's nothing personal, just the way things work around here." I clapse into my chair with my head in my hands. All these emotions build within me and my throat feels dry. "She is my daughter. I can't let you have her, I just can't." I hear myself say. He nods his head, "But think about the up side, she is the beginning of a new solider, a new weapon. This can change the way America views war. Do you really think you can raise her with this kind of power? Do you really think she can be safe with out us? The answer is no, she can't be safe." he puts his unforgiving boney hand in my shoulder, "Dr. Anderson, do you really think only you can keep her from the Russians? It's only a matter of time before they come after her and when they do, her being here in this facility will be the best option." He sighs and walks to the door, his foot steps steady. I swallow hard he has me beat, and even as I manage to make some kind of deal, he would most certainly kill me anyways. I watch as he turns around to look into my eyes, I flinch. His are dark as night, no sign of guilt or emotion fill them. "I'll give you one hour to say your good byes." He says coldly and walks out the door. As soon as his back disappears around the corner, I get out the blue prints of the facility, I'm not letting my daughter stay here, not on my life. I'm breaking free of this agency. They may call it, a betrayal on my country but I call it a gift. A gift o they can see how wrong they are being. They can't have her like this, like a science experiment. I'm going to disappear, and my baby Chloe is comming with me. We are leaving tonight. I quickly and scecretly type in the code for our Unix system and hack my childs profile. My fore head sweats as i save it all on my hardrive. then comes the easy part . I shut off the security camras.When i finnish, i leave no trace and then I hear the guards enter my room, I start my plan. I've been trained to take down four men at once and with no cameras in here, this will be easy. "You comming, sir." A large tall man asks me. I nod and slowly get up, before they can tie me up I quickley grab his hand and twist his right arm causing it to snap. He shrikes in pain and try's to through a punch, I block it and kick the guy behind me down and grab the men's guns. "I will shoot." I threaten and kick their heads. I can feel one of their bones crack as I knock them out. I quickly switch uniforms and grab the security keys while the two men lay limp at my feet. With my adrenaline high, I run out the door to find my daughter.

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