Chloe's life used to be normal, that is, until she turned 17. Suddenly everything seemed sharper. She grew stronger, faster, and smarter. Of course she thought this was all about hormones, about growing up. But when she learns the deadly truth behind her past, all she can do is run from those out to get her. She thought she can do it, thought that she can someday break free, but when she runs into the all famous band member, Zayn Malik.... Can she ever truly let go. This is a story of action seeking romance and unbearable twists in a young girls life and how every thing can become okay after looking so bleak.


4. Deduction

Getting to school isn't all that difficult. We live in Chicago and since we woke up so early , traffic is a no go. My dad sighs as we pull into my highschool. "Hey, be careful today." He says as I slide out. "Um okay?" I say and smile, "bye daddy!" He waves as I watch him drive away, I wave and walk to my class. Right when I enter the building, my friend, Thristan, runs up. Her bright, wavy, red hair bounces off her shoulders like springs. "Hey." We start walking down the hallway. "So, was it hard yesterday?" she asks, always interested in my trailing. I shrug, " Ya. I mean, its getting easier..." I trail off and open my locker. "Actually, today I'm gonna fight my dad." She smiles, "Beat your old man up, I see." Her smirk clearly visible. "Ya." I say and we head away from eachother. "I love your dad." she says,"hey, see ya, at lunch." We head our separate ways. I brush a blond strand of hair from my face and head to first period. Luckily I get to class just on the nick of time. Our class is fairly small so our home room is fairly comfortable. I take my seat towards the back row and listen to the wayward and random conversation topics we talk about. I laugh at a few things said and then I feel someone tap my shoulder. Madison. She isn't particularly a person I like or particularly enjoy being around, but I guess she is okay. "Hey, party at my place, Friday." She whispers and hands me ripped piece of binder paper. I smile and read the scribbled words of the address. Senior parties are a blast, especially if the party is at a rich kids house. I'll have to ask my dad, or just tell him that Thristan and I are having a sleep over. What ever I decide, I'm deffinatly going.

The class ends fairly quickley with no home work assigned. I'm utterly glad considering my ongoing schedule. Next is PE, my favorite period of course. However, it's to easy, so I really get no game from it. I quickley change into PE clothes before walking to the gym. "We're doing the rope thing." Tristan mummes beside me. I laugh at her tone. She isn't the athletic type. She is more subtle and poetic, but I think that's why we are best friends. Because opposites attract. When we reach the gym, I see the group of people crowding around the rope. They are all laughing. I frown at them when I see. It's Rodney, the class geek, poor guy. I just get so angry when people mess with him. "Guys shut up." I say and stare at each of them intently. Rodney makes it about half way before he fails. "Just watch, he's gonna fail, she is gonna fail, I'm gonna fail..... An then you go an it's like, a buzz kill." Tristan says beside me. I point, "No, he made it up." "Ya, but that doesn't count." she says with another smirk. I roll my eyes at her, "Anderson, your up!" Ms. Paul yells. "It does count." I mummble to Tristan and run to the rope before she can reply. I see the faces watch me with no real expectation. Just cause I'm a girl means I can't get up apparently. I smile at their slight misconception and grab the rope. It's easy to me as I use all my strength to pull myself up. In fact, it's like air. I climb up perfectly and fluently while the bystanders watch in aww. I wave when I reach the top and jump off while I am slowly harnessed down. "Wow, ah good job, Chloe. Exalent!" Ms. Paul says and write stuff on the clip boerd. "Thanks." I say and watch as almost everyone fails. "Told ya, buzz kill." Ttistan laughs a little. I smile, it was not even hard.

The rest of the day is a blur. I go to study hall to complete my home work and everything for my training. Well, work out because I'm not training for anything really. I just balance my finger on my finger for the remainder of class until the bell rings. I see others read and goof off and finally the school gay is officially over. My fingers quickly unlock my locker and grab all the stuff I need. "Hey, my mom said that she knows it was you who ate our last pop tart." Tristan giggles as I do. "Oh ya, well tell her, it was delicious." I joke. Two nights ago, I slept at Thristan's place and they didn't make breakfast so I got the last pop tart. Simple as pie. We walk to my dads car. He sits in the passenger seat, "Hi, Mat." Thristan waves to my dad. "Hello, Tristan" he says playfully. I hop in the drivers seat, "Bye Tristan!" I yell as we drive. "To the park?" I ask because the park we go to is an hour away and not really public. "Yes, Chloe." He says and gives me the stare that says, 'Bring it on.' I glare back. This means war.
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