Chloe's life used to be normal, that is, until she turned 17. Suddenly everything seemed sharper. She grew stronger, faster, and smarter. Of course she thought this was all about hormones, about growing up. But when she learns the deadly truth behind her past, all she can do is run from those out to get her. She thought she can do it, thought that she can someday break free, but when she runs into the all famous band member, Zayn Malik.... Can she ever truly let go. This is a story of action seeking romance and unbearable twists in a young girls life and how every thing can become okay after looking so bleak.


2. Chloe *14 years later*

"Dad why do I even have to do this?" I ask with a slight pout. My dad has been training me in marshal arts for some time now and on top of that, school. He shrugs, "Your mother wanted me too, dear, and plus you are a nautral. I roll my eyes and contine my one hundred push ups. They are a real pain, and I can feel my mucels strain in on going weakness. My heart beats faster and faster and when I get to eighty, I smile. This is my new personal best. "Good girl! Only twenty more, baby. You can do it!" I focus, 'Only the mind wants to quite, not the body.'I tell myself over and over. "Ten more." I say to myself and regret it immediately. "Okay miss, 'Im so amazing' how about ten more with a ten pound ball on your back!" I roll my eyes and laugh despite the pain, "Bring it on, old man." I yell. He smirks to him self and puts a sack of sand on my back. I almost claps under the weight, but I need to be the best. I take in a deep breath, close my eyes and count down from ten. My dad is scilent with pride as I finnish the last push up. I quickley roll onto my back, breathless and my dad pulls me up. "I am so proud or you, Chloe." He hugs me. I smile. "Love you daddy." I whisper and kiss his cheek. He pats my back, "Kay baby we are done for the night, I got it from here." he starts picking up the weights and covers the punching bag. He is scilent, so I decide to help. "Dad? Where did you learn all this?" I ask him. For a moment he doesn't speak, and I'm about to ask agian, "My father taught me. Your mother was better, though. I swear that woman could take down anyone." He chuckles to him self. I look at the ground and tune out the annoying crickets. I have never met my mother, she died when I was born , but from what my father tells me..... she was a great woman. My dad inturuptes my reveri. "Chloe?" he asks. My head snaps up to him. His brown hair is all messy from our work out toady. It makes me smile, "What?" I ask. He shakes his head and turns around with a smile, "You remind me of your mother. They way you get lost in that head of yours is just what she did." His voice fades as we walk back into the house. "Night, dad." I yell as I walk up the stairs for a much needed shower. I peel off my sports bra and spandex. "Woah." I say when I see my self in the mirror. My dad was right about the hard work paying off. I poke at my new abbs. Finally! I have been working for these! I smile and jump in the shower. The steam fills my bathroom and I happily breath it in and let it relax my soar muscles. When I get out, I get in boxers and a betels tank top. God I'm hungry but gotta wait till morning. I sign to myself, stupid health nerd. I clapse on my bed not realizing how tied I am because right away, I sleep.
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