This story is about a girl (Ammarah) who gets kidnapped by harry, niall, louis, liam, and zayn. She falls in love with one of them but is another one of them falling for her. She will be stuck in a love triangle. Ammarah has many many secrets the boys dont know about and if they found out about them they will be in loads of chaos.What will happen when she finds out that she is related to one of them? What will ammarah do about the love triangle, and her secrets? READ TO FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. everything in this story is fake except the names!!!


6. What Happened

Niall's POV

 Ammarah kept crying and thats when i decided to take her out of the room so i carried her out and into my room. Then i layed her down on my bed and asked her "Are you okay?" She shook her head. "Can you tell me what happened?" i asked her and she started saying "Well,....... last night it started thundering and you guys already fell asleep. Liam asked me if i wanted to go to bed and i did so he carried me upstairs to my room and was about to leave until i asked him to stay and sleep with me for the night. he did but besides that we didn't do anything at all i swear!" She ended. "I believe you." i said and i really did. 

Ammarah's POV

I told niall everything and he sat there just listening. I dont know but i feel so weird around him sometimes. Then suddenly i heard a BANG niose i looked at niall and said "did you just he-" I was cut off by another BANG and niall said "yep". We panicked. he carried me to my room to see what happened. When we got into the room i saw zayn and harry holding louis back from liam.Niall was still holding me bridal style. There was another BANG and thats when everyone stopped what they were doing and kept quiet. Niall almost dropped me when he heard the bang. Louis slowly went downstairs and looked. He ran upstairs and told niall to hide me somewhere no one will find me and he also whispered something in nialls ear and i saw his eyes widen. Im scared. What did louis see down there. Niall carried me into his closet and moved the hangers of clothes. Behind them was a small cubord in the wall fit for two people. niall put me in it and climbed in himself. then he closed the door."Niall, what is going on? Im scared!!! And what did louis whisper to u?" I asked. "Look i cant tell u, but i will soon and for now just plz stay quiet?" I nodded. I heard another BANG and literally jumped on niall. He just sat there holding me tightly. the same way liam was holding me last night. its like they were protecting me or something.

Niall's POV

I was liking how she was sitting on top of me. I was protecting her and i think she could sense it. What if her stepmum finds her. i hope the guys are okay.louis told me that she was down there with some other guys. oh god. great now i sound lie liam. uggghhhh!


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