This story is about a girl (Ammarah) who gets kidnapped by harry, niall, louis, liam, and zayn. She falls in love with one of them but is another one of them falling for her. She will be stuck in a love triangle. Ammarah has many many secrets the boys dont know about and if they found out about them they will be in loads of chaos.What will happen when she finds out that she is related to one of them? What will ammarah do about the love triangle, and her secrets? READ TO FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. everything in this story is fake except the names!!!


4. The Hospital!

Louis' POV

Liam said "and her leg is bleeding. So who is gonna go?" "I'll go." I said a bit too quickly. Ammarah said "I want liam to go with me and only liam!" I was shocked, what if liam tried to do anything. I need to talk with him and the boys about this. so i said "Alright then liam can go with you but i need to talk to them about... uh..... the uh toaster!" I quickly pulled all of them out of the room and then i saw zayn's panicked face! he said "oh no what happened to the toaster man oh man i loved that toaster!" "Zayn calm down nothing happened to the toaster. The reason i called you all here is because i want you all to know that ammarah is off limits! got it?!" They all nodded andnwe went back into the room. "Alright, liam go take ammarah to the hospital now and we will wait here okay?" I said. "ok cool." Liam said.

Ammarah's POV

My leg is bleeding and it hurts like hell seriously ugh!!! Well liam is now carrying me to his car and he is pretty cute.He put me in the passenger seat and we drove off. The whole car ride was silent which is good cause i need to think. Now, I know how much louis is over protected of me. I heard him tell the boys that i was off limits. UGH! im 17 and almost 18 and he can't control me. Well maybe i should just leave it for now and see how overprotective he is of me. Soon enough we got to the hospital and liam carried me inside. He put me on one of the chairs and then a doctor came and he said that he would see me now. Liam carried me inside the room and put me on the bed. Man was i scared. I think liam noticed me scared cuz he looked at me with reassuring eyes. Then the doctor said that liam could stay with me while they stich up my wound. When they started it hurt soooo much and i was crying A LOT. Liam just sat there with me and held my hand. He said "Shhh, its okay it'll be over in a few seconds." Then they stopped and said that they will be right back so it was just me and liam in the room, alone. "Are you okay?" He asked. I nodded and he hugged me tightly. The dotor came back and said "Okay, you are fine but you cant go in the water with your stiches on and make sure you becareful next time. Also, you can not walk for today and tomorrow then you are alloud to but the stiches are gonna come off in about 4 weeks okay?" we nodded and he left the room. Then liam carried me back to his car and we went home. I fell asleep half way there.

Liam's POV

When we got home she was asleep so i carried her inside and louis ran up to us. He saw ammarah sleeping and his eyes widened into fear. "oh god is she okay?" He asked. "Yeah, she is just sleeping. im gonna carry her to the guest bedroom then ill meet you guys back in the living room. ok?" "k" was all he said then he left. I carried her to the room and layed her down. She looked so beutiful. I couldn't help but kiss her on the forehead. Then i closed the door and left her to sleep. When i went into the living room i saw 4 very worried faces. louis was pacing around. Zayn had his head in his hands. Harry was breathing in and out slowly and niall was on the verge of tears. this couldn't be good.

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