This story is about a girl (Ammarah) who gets kidnapped by harry, niall, louis, liam, and zayn. She falls in love with one of them but is another one of them falling for her. She will be stuck in a love triangle. Ammarah has many many secrets the boys dont know about and if they found out about them they will be in loads of chaos.What will happen when she finds out that she is related to one of them? What will ammarah do about the love triangle, and her secrets? READ TO FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. everything in this story is fake except the names!!!


3. The Boys!

Ammarah's POV

Louis said that he will go find the boys and introduce me to them he also said to stay where i am and not wander anywhere. Well I guess this is the time to look around. So i got off the bed and looked around and noticed that i was in a really big house. So i found a bedroom with lots of hair products and mirrors and it became boring so i left. Then i came across a room with posters of carrots and suspenders lying around so im guessing this is louis room, then i left and went into a room that was clean and tidy. The next room was full of food so i decided to go into the last room which was also clean and tidy. When i went in to observe it i heard loud foot steps so i hid in the closet on the really top shelf. Then i heard the door slam shut in this room and i got scared. Then i heard the footsteps coming closer to where i was hiding. The doors of the closet swung open and there i fell out of the closet and on top of someone. "AAAAHHHHHH" we both screamed. I said "oh, im so sorry i thought you were a burgler or something" When i said that i tried to get up but instead i fell back down on top of him had said "ow!" Then he said "What's wronge, are you ok?" "My leg it hurts!!!" I said as i let a tear escape my eye. He looked at me with lots of concern in his eyes. Just then louis bursted through the door followed by three other guys and he started yelling at the one i was on top of.

Louis' POV

I came bursting through the door and i see my little sister on top of liam and i start yelling at them and saying "LIAM WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" "Louis, its not wat you think" She said as she was about to cry. "No, i will talk to you about this m later!" I yelled. She started crying. "Now will you two get up off each other?!!!" I yelled. "We can't!" Liam said. "well why not" I yelled again. "Because i think she broke her leg!" "WHAT? how?" I said as liam slowly got up and picked her up. Then he put her on his bed. me and the rest of the guys ran up to her. I said "How did this happen?" She replied by saying "Well i was looking around and i heard footsteps so i ran into the closet and on one of the high shelves, the closet door opened and i fell on top of him. and now my leg hurts and i think i broke it." "Wait why does louis care about you so much?" Asked zayn. well i thought it would be a secret for longer then this but i guess its explaining time. I gave Ammarah the look saying that it is explanation time. "Okay, well Ammarah is my younger sister." I said. Then she added "And Louis is my older brother!" "Guys i think we should take her to the hospital so we can see if her leg is broken." suggested liam.

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