This story is about a girl (Ammarah) who gets kidnapped by harry, niall, louis, liam, and zayn. She falls in love with one of them but is another one of them falling for her. She will be stuck in a love triangle. Ammarah has many many secrets the boys dont know about and if they found out about them they will be in loads of chaos.What will happen when she finds out that she is related to one of them? What will ammarah do about the love triangle, and her secrets? READ TO FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. everything in this story is fake except the names!!!


2. Kidnapped!

Ammarah's POV

The next morning I woke up. I changed and went down stairs. I told my dad and Anne that I was going to take a walk. I went back upstairs and took my bag and put my sneakers on and went for a walk. While I was out there I saw a black van near me. I just shrugged it off and noticed 10 minutes later that it was following me. I got scared and started running but the van caught up to me and out came a blonde headed boy who picked me up and threw me in the van. Then I realises that he was the guy who saved me and drove me home with his friends. When I looked in the van I saw the rest of the boys just staring at me. I said "What the hell was that?! Why did u kidnapp-" Suddenly i blacked out.

Nial's POV

 I looked around and saw that harry presure pointed her so she would fall asleep. I yelled "HARRY wat the hell was that!?" "Sorry i panicked!"he said. Louis said "Hey, she looks really familiar?" I said "Well maybe because I saved her life and we drove her home yesterday." I looked at her and moved a strand of hair out of her face and kissed her forehead before the guys saw. She looked soooo beutiful and i know i will make her mine and make sure that she doesn't get hurt.

Ammarah's POV

 I woke up in a bed. I panicked and got up looking for the bathroom. I finally found it, went in and locked the door. I slid down the bathroom wall and started crying. Just then I heard the door knob move and  also heard a familiar voice. I got scared and started crying even harder. Just then I saw a boy with brown hair and suspenders walk in holding a key. He locked the door and rushed to my side. He said "Are you okay?" "Yeah im fine." I lied. "Well im louis." He said. Then it clicked in my head. "Louis, louis tomlinson?" I asked still unsure. "Yeah how did u know?" He asked back. suddenly I uncontrollably hugged him and said "Where have you been?! It's been soooo long! Why did u leave me?" I said starting to cry and tightening my grip on him. "What are you talking about i dont know you?!" He answered. "Its me your little sister!"

Louis' POV

As soon as she said that my eyes widened and I said " Ammarah? Is that you?" " Yes,Yes. its your little carrot princess! I missed you soooo much! Where have you been? Dad and i have been worried sick about you!After mum died and you left, dad blamed himself for everything!!!" Ammarah took a deep breath after she said that. "I missed you too and is dad alright i miss him too. So are we gonna tell the boys bout you and me being siblings?"I asked. She said "I think we should keep it a secret for now and tell them later on." "I can't believe your here with me. I missed you sooo much. There hasn't been a day that has gone by with me not thinking about you." I said. "Same here!" She said. "Hey, we better go before the boys suspect something?!" I asked. She said "carry me please!?" I mean how could I say no to that cute puppy dog face, Well I know I had no choice so i carried her out of the bathroom and saw that the guys were nowhere to be found so i put Ammarah on the bed she was sleeping in and walked away to introduce her to the boys.

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